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What Do You Want To Replay?


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I have a pile of shame. It's teetering. Literally, it could crush me under the sheer weight of unread manuals, but I find I want to go back and replay things instead. Is it simple familiarity, games as comfort food, or is it that some things really demand a second (or third, or more) look?

The things I want to go back to:

Spec Ops: The Line

I had so much respect for this game on first play through. The story, the acting, that damn soundtrack used to perfection. I'd always promised myself a second playthrough as a treat and a three years on might just be the perfect time.

Alpha Protocol

Enough time has passed that I'm almost ready to forgive the final parts of the game which were, frankly, frustrating as hell. The finale of four cheap boss fights marred Alpha Protocol which had been an amazing ride up to that point. The choice offered through dialogue, gameplay and mission order plus, of course, Steven Heck. Perhaps I can just play until the final area and pretend I got through that part and won.

Binary Domain

Another Sega published game. I'm not entirely sure why this has pushed its way to the front of my brain to clamour for a replay but I know it was underrated at the time of release. A really enjoyable third person shooter with exploding robot heads. What more does modern man need? A giant mechanical spider to fight, of course!

What games do you want to replay?

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Pilotwings 3DS.

A very underrated gem. The joy of having this 3D island to potter about in, the pastoral calm of just flying about the place. Its a lovely game. I'm going to start from scratch with my n3DS, with stable 3D.

It got a slagging on release for being short, but I put over 15 hours into it.

Also Binary Domain is a great call. GOTY for me, whichever year it was released. Game of most years really. A stunning game.

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Binary Domain I have run through several times, and also repeated a couple of chapters stand-alone, for the hell of it. I'm missing my camp, French robot buddy. Alpha Protocol? Yeah, I could easily stand another run-through.

Shadow of the Colossus is another I roll out every so often (and now in HD; yay!).

Lollipop Chainsaw - didn't get great reviews, but I love it's trashy cheesiness, and sparkle hunting gets surprisingly addictive. It's a toss-up between this and Bayonetta for the next replay, I think.

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The real issue is when you get a game that you want to replay immediately after you've rinsed the content, and want to do it over and over again, replaying those same levels endlessly for no real reason other than the hook they have in you.


Not a joke post, btw. When you say, 'I have a pile of shame. It's teetering. Literally, it could crush me under the sheer weight of unread manuals, but I find I want to go back and replay things instead,' that's exactly what this is, too - in fact, the game is famously lacking in 'content', just a few levels and a meagre campaign you replay over and over again (or don't). I bought a PS4 at the beginning of October, and have a number of games for it, including ones I'm sure I'd love in other circumstances (Alien: Isolation for one), but... there's just this thing I have to keep endlessly replaying, and have done now for months. And it's not just the loot, or even primarily the loot; it's the central combat mechanic. I'm certain that once I give it up for a few weeks or months, I'll be going back to it just for that if nothing else.

Funnily enough, the other one I always think of in this context is Halo. it's just so much fun to revisit that few minutes of shooting bad guys recycled forever, both for the little variations in each battle and - primarily - just because it feels so satisfying to pop their heads off with those guns in those environments. I think they're very similar games in that central respect, and that goes to the heart of the issue about replaying stuff - there's really no need to consume new games with all the vigour they're pumped out with if you're happy with what you're playing.

So yeah, Destiny is one of those endlessly repayable games that keeps dragging you back to it, whatever else is around.

* I only looked at that site for the first time tonight in order to take this screenshot - honest, Uncle Mike!

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Persona 3 Portable, without NG+. To be honest I think I'm overdue another P4 replay too ;) but the previous game is much more of a timesink and so it's somewhat harder to go back to. I think I tried to start a new game a while back but hurried through things too quickly and was destroyed by one of the first minibosses, so I've kind of got to be in the right frame of mind to start over...
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Off the top of my head:

Portal 2

Dark Souls

Dark Souls 2

Fire Emblem: Awakening


Persona 4





Super Mario 3D Land


I was thinking about this the other day, incidentally, and realised that the best time to replay a game is immediately after you've finished it, ideally on a harder difficulty. So many times I've thought to myself, 'Yeah, I'm definitely going to play that again at some point,' but when it comes to it, the allure of the new triumphs and I end up buying something else. Replaying straight afterwards doesn't give you the chance to think about it, and before you know it you're stuck back in. I also find that you often enjoy it more the next time around as you know how to play it properly. I'm currently on my second playthrough of Bayonetta 2, for example, after finishing it the first time last week: had I completed it and then ejected it after my less than elegant run on Normal, I would have labelled it a 7 out of 10 game; replaying it now on Hard, aiming for at least Gold medals, I'm starting to see why it's so highly acclaimed.

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Only GTAV and Sonic Transformed that I can think of. I managed to complete both previously but want to do so again on a different format (PS4 & Steam respectively).

Additionally, I've never completed Ocarina of Time but managed to get quite far, probably another contender there too.

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