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Most Wanted 2004


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Basically what are you most looking forward to in 2004? Game-wise of course...

1: Halo 2 - The obvious choice really, i've been playing through the original over and over to keep sharp but the idea of a fully-Live compatable version... Oh mama! :(

2: Tales of Symphonia - I'm a big quirky Japanese RPG fan and this one looks great, due for release in April in the US I think this ones definitely on the pre-order list.

3: True Fantasy Live Online - This game promises exactly what i'd always dreamed my perfect game would be, if its an online Dark Chroncile it'll be brilliant, but I just know its gonna be better.

Anyone else?

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ObHalo: Halo 2

Ninja Gaiden looks good but may turn out to be dull as s**t

Pikmin 2 but it may just turn out to be more of the same

R-Type Final on PS2 (anyone played this on import?)

GTA4 may be nice, but unless its a good evolution then it may start to milk the trend.

However, what I'd really like to see is some innovative use of EyeToy and other "external" periperals (think along the lines of two maracas strapped end to end and used as paddles in a canoe simulator)

I'm also really hoping that we'll get some nice surprises in the form of drug-induced oddball titles and something with some real depth along the lines of $rllmukClicheClassic (such as Ico, Rez, Ikaruga yadda yadda yadda). I get the feeling that shooters are having a comeback, so Border Down 2 would be nice.

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Halo 2, again a very obvious choice.

Deus Ex 2, I loved the original.

Half life 2, tbh I probably won't get this due to how high spec it is, but I'm interested in how it does.

Snake eater, ok this may be a long shot but I heard it was coming out this year, here's hoping.

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i'm looking forward to the PSP. can't wait to see what it's really capable of and what it looks like.

Halo 2, obviously.

Half Life 2. though i must admit my spirits were a little dampened after it didn't show last year and the whole debacle that followed.

Nico. or whatever it ends up being called, being the sequel to the amazing Ico of course.

Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. Rockstar North can do no wrong!

Flipnic. don't know much about it but it looks amazing.

Unity. it's by Jeff Minter. he made Tempest 2000. nuf said.

Metal Gear Solid : Snake Eater. hopefully a return to form after the disappointing Sons of Liberty.

most of all i'd like to be pleasantly surprised in the way i was by Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia, Manhunt and Mark of Kri.

should be a good year :(

EDIT. forgot Deux Ex 2

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Donkey Konga - Cna't wait to get my hands on a game that involves Bongos, 100% sure to drive the misses nuts though.

Pikmin 2 - Sequel to one of my favourite games of this generation.

Halo 2 - More of the same please, but with better level design through ouyt the game.

MGS 3 - Please let this be a return to form after the painfully average MGS2.

Mario Tennis - Love the N64 version to bits, but would prefer not to have to dig out the beast to play it.

Metroid Prime 2/Zero Mission - It's Metroid, that's enough for me.

Zelda Four Swords/Tracker - Looks f*cking excellent fun if you ask me.

Tales of Symphonia - Lovely looking RPG from Namco.

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Halo 2

True Fantasy Live Online

Psychonaughts (gets no love around here :blink: )


Ninja Gaiden

Jade Empire

Rallisport Challenge 2 (For the fantastic Xbox Live ofcourse)

Conkers Bad Fur Day

Steel Battalion LOC


Spikeout Xtreme



Pro Evo 4



Resident Evil 4

Metriod Prime 2

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