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Most Wanted 2004


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1. Halo 2

2. Ninja Gaiden

3. Full Spectrum Warrior

4. GTA: San Andreas

5. Ninja Gaiden

6. Otogi 2

7. Unity

8. Driv3r

9. Metroid Prime 2

10. DOA Ultimate

These two have been released since my last post:

2. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (XB version) -Exceeds expectations, very good. Both singleplayer as online multiplayer is superb.

3. Metroid: Zero Mission - A bit disappointing, less involving, hard and cool than Metroid Fusion. Not a bad game, but Fusion is the better one.

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You can get Wind Waker already. Or do you mean the sequel? I doubt there will be a new Mario or Zelda this year. I'll be very happy to be wrong.

yeah i meant the next zelda game. nintendo did make an announcement saying that it would be out this year. i know i know, it'll never happen, but i can always hope :D

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1). Half Life 2 (oh what a suprize) (PC)

2). Doom 3 (and again!) (PC)

3). Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)

4). Gradius V (PS2)

5). Outrun 2 (XB, or PC but i'll settle for Ps2 if i have to)

6). Driver 3 (PS2)

7). S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (PC)

:blink: Transformers (PS2)

9) Ninja Gaiden (XB)

10) GTA - San Andreas (PS2)

11) Densha De go Final (PS2)

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In no particular order here are my most wanted:

1) Thief: Deadly Shadows - (PC/Xbox)

2) Silent Hill 4: The Room - (PS2/PC)

3) Halo 2 - (Xbox)

4) Half-Life 2 - (PC/Xbox)

5) StarCraft Ghost - (PS2/Xbox/GC)

6) Fable - (Xbox)

7) Doom 3 - (PC/Xbox)

;) Second Sight - (PS2/Xbox/GC)

9) Ground Control 2 - (PC)

10) Pikmin 2 - (GC)

11) Resident Evil 4 - (GC)

12) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - (PS2)

13) Metroid Prime 2 - (GC)


Thirteen in total then, plus a few unexpected hits no doubt. All of which will gobble up my disposable income, tradgically reducing me to buying economy supermarket branded food just to survive - bleh :(

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Game currently on my radar

Halo 2 - preordred



Fable - preordered

Conkers Live and Uncut

Kameo - preordered

Rallisport Challenge 2 - preordered

GTA San Andreas


Phantom Dust

True Fantasy Live Online


Jade Empire

Star Craft Ghost

DOA Ultimate - pre-ordered

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Title/ Excitement Level

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater ******************************

Halo 2 *******************************

Resident Evil 4 ***************************************

Half Life 2 (xbox version, tho probably not til 2005 ;) ) ****

DOOM III (again, xbox version, probly 2005) ****

Ninja Gaiden ***

Fable ****

BC ***

Headhunter: Redemtion *****

Killer7 ***

Starcraft: Ghost ***

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As they spring to mind...

Resident Evil 4 - Looks very interesting.

Pikmin 2 - Loved the first game and this one looks just as cute...apart from the sadistic white Pikmin, obv.

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Despite the crappy camera the first game was a nice surprise and the teaser trailers have got my anticipation high.

Kingdom Hearts COM - Likewise.

Paper Mario 2 - More than likely not till 2005 but still really, really, really want it.

Metroid Prime 2 - Of course.

Fable - Will probably be overhyped as per usual or it may actually be very good guess I'll find out if it ever gets released.

The Movies - Looks fun.

Killer 7 - Swish.

True Fantasy Live Online - The reason I will want to get Live.

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Halo 2, Full Spectrum Warrior. Metroid Zero Mission and Ninja Gaiden after great reviews, although I'm a bit worried by the difficulty levels (Metroid too easy, Gaiden too hard).

Fable and B.C. both still look quite interesting.

New for me are Manhunt (now with a release date) and Burnout 3.

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Groove is in the heart - dee*LIght ???

You know it!

Can't wait to do this either...

"Taaaaaaake oooooon meeeeeee! Take! On! Me! Taaaaaaaake meeeeeee hoooooome! Take! On! Me! I'llllllll beeeeee goooooooone! eeeelaway tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!""

Looking forward to finding what that last line is.

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Well, the games I am most looking forward to atm are:

Thief: Deadly Shadows

Metroid Prime 2

Hitman Contracts

MGS3: Snake Eater

Killzone (possibly)

Half-Life 2

Resident Evil 4 :)

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of any for now.

Edited by Dreamcatcher
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Splinter Cell: PT is THE game for me this year.

Not really looking forward to Halo2. I don't know why. Halo was brilliant and I loved playing it (although I didn't bother to finish it), it just doesn't rock my boat.

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