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Sega! (56k warning)

Nick R

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What's this game then? Daytona USA 2? Scud Race?

Scud Race or Sega Super GT in NA. I know it's not the most iconic Sega racer but I have fonder memories of seeing this in arcades (especially since I was in still in the "ooh, supercars!" phase of my youth :P )

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Time to post my old sign that I rediscovered during a house move last year. I remember it was a major point of contention between me and my ex-wife. It just wasn't cool apparently.

Sega were always no.1 in my heart. When I see my parents again I'll thank them for spoiling us boys with the Sega Master System w/ Hang On & Safari Hunt back in the day, and also buying us Outrun, Shinobi and Wonderboy in Monsterland cartridges shortly afterwards. We were so utterly spoiled.


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Boy, the creativity and fun behind Rez, Skies of Arcadia or Jet Set Radio still amaze me after all those years. Alongside Steambot Chronicles Skies of Arcadia is the only RPG I've ever finished - despite its sick random encounters frequency. I remember very well the first village in that game... so beautiful... so tranquil... :wub:

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I loved afterburner. They used to have a sit down cabinet in the local arcade where I grew up. It was a few years later before I had a go on an r360. Awesome. If I had the cash I'd have one in the lounge.*

Flyer for it with other cabinets down the bottom.


* There wouldn't be enough room to get from the hall to the kitchen without having a go. I wouldn't mind but I suppose my wife might object.

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