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100 films in a year!

Jug McKenzie

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Just thought I'd share a little personal goal that I decided to set myself on a whim a few weeks ago. I'm going to use my Cineworld Unlimited card to make it to the cinema (at least) 100 times in 2015. So far I'm well on track, having seen the following 19 films already since the 1st of January:

1. Birdman

2. The Theory of Everything

3. Foxcatcher

4. Whiplash

5. Paddington

6. Selma

7. Wild

8. Ex Machina

9. American Sniper

10. Testament of Youth

11. Kingsman

12. A Most Violent Year

13. Inherent Vice

14. Big Hero 6

15. The Interview

16. Jupiter Ascending

17. Shaun the Sheep – The Movie

18. Pride

19. It Follows

I'm off to see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel this evening, so that'll take me up to 20 in just over two months, and I'm dithering over whether or not to see Focus tomorrow (I've made the booking but it's meant to be only so-so, and I really don't want to force myself to watch any old rubbish just to get up to the magic 100... anyway, I'll decide tomorrow.)

This Cineworld card is great by the way. It costs £16.40 a month, so each film is working out at something silly like £1.60 to see. You also get the occasional early screening, and there have even been a couple of secret screenings that are always good fun. I only used the card to get to about three or four films a month last year, so I'm making much better use of it this year, obviously. The other good thing is that if you get to the day of the booking and can't make it for some reason, you don't lose anything and it doesn't cost you anything to just make a new booking for another evening. And you can book up to three films in advance at a time, plus Unlimited early screenings on top (at one stage this year I had five bookings lined up at once.) That all sounds like I work for Cineworld, but I don't.

Anyway, there you go. Just a bit of fun.


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I have a feeling if you want to see 100 films at the cinema you're going to have to delve into the crap :P

You may be right! I hope not though. In January it was looking like it was going to be a doddle until someone pointed out to me that it was Oscars warm-up month. February has been a bit more of a challenge and I've only spotted about half a dozen must-see films in March so far, but hopefully a couple of as-yet unknown gems will turn up, and I can always nudge the tally up by taking my son to see the odd children's movie (not that Big Hero 6, Paddington and Shaun the Sheep weren't great.)

Basically I need to see at least a couple of films a week on average to make the 100 by the 31st of December. I'm ahead of schedule so far, so I reckon I can do it!

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Ah yeah £9.99 a month was great. 2003 was an awesome year when i had that, i watched so many films i probably would never have watched.

I probably watch at least 100 films a year easily anyway, let alone tv series. Must admit it's tricky nowadays as there is a lot of movies that just are not worth your time.

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Don't you also get discount on drinks/popcorn/sweets etc with your Unlimited Card?

I had one for a few years, but with a 2yr old it's a lot harder to get to the movies nowadays. The first one I got in 2002(?) wasn't even photo ID, so me and my mates used to share a few between us

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  • 9 months later...

I wonder how those unlimited cards work out for the cinema? I'd have thought a guaranteed £15 a month or whatever would be worthwhile. I'd happily fork that out each month, just 3 films a month would make it worthwhile and even if you only saw 2, you've probably not lost anything given current ticket prices. I suspect cinemas see it the other way though - get someone in on an unlimited card 3 times, and that's not a guaranteed £15.00, it's 3 x £9.00 missed out on (the same logic as every pirated film costs the industry the RRP of a Blu-Ray).

Anyway, out of that lot which was your favourite film? Not including the older stuff like Blade Runner and BTTF I've only seen about 8 or 9 of those films this year (and only 4 actually at the cinema).

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It's really hard to pick a favourite as there are probably at least a couple of dozen on that list that I'd give five stars to, but one that really still stands out for me a good few months after I saw it (and that I don't think made as much of an impact as I think it should have done) was A Most Violent Year. Hands down the four worst were Chappie, Poltergeist, Fantastic Four and The Age of Adaline - give them a miss and try to catch as many of the rest as you can!

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Me and CactuarBill would rinse our cards when they were about a tenner, usually once a week and seeing three films in a day (sometimes four), but we were seeing some right shit including some Rob Zombie Halloween film or other as well as fostering up a big dislike of romcoms and dumb action films. If you're in a big city I'm sure it's well worth going (with regards to film choice), but I think we were just bored where we were so nothing better to do (and it's super cheap, even with bus prices). We never got any early screenings or special stuff, seemed like they were just saying it to get people to sign up.

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I'm at 63 this year. Still 4 days left, and a lot of screeners to catch up on so mibbe get that up to 70.

I used to have a cineworld unlimited card when it was a tenner. I used to go one day a week when and also see 3 films back to back. Saw some right shite, but also saw a lot of great stuff.

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I can't get anywhere near this at the flicks. Combination of no pass for the Showcase, general aversion to the public, and the absolute refusal to go out of my way to sit through shite :P

I did however manage to just pip 300 films watched this year. Pretty good going ;)

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It sounds like it should be really easy to do, it's two films a week, but when I think about how many I've watched in total this year, I doubt I could even get to 50 without a lot of effort and midnight viewings. There's no way I could do 100 films at the cinema. I think I've been 4 times in the past year, maybe even less.

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On 12/28/2015 at 03:59, Goose said:

It sounds like it should be really easy to do, it's two films a week, but when I think about how many I've watched in total this year, I doubt I could even get to 50 without a lot of effort and midnight viewings. There's no way I could do 100 films at the cinema. I think I've been 4 times in the past year, maybe even less.


This. I'd genuinely love to have a crack at 100 cinema trips in a year but reckon I would be hard-pressed to hit even 50, particularly with a lack of local unlimited card. Kudos to those that managed it.


365 films in a year consumed via any medium would actually be a lot easier, mostly thanks to my job, could probably even exceed number that if I got organised. Hmmm, can feel an Excel sheet being created...

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Time-wise is certainly doable, but guessing you'd have to have very few other commitments, be single (or have an equally time-rich, and tolerant, partner) or be in a situation that allowed a lot of viewing. Think the hardest part would be the fatigue, because while you'd see some great films, you would probably struggle through a lot of off-putting shite.


I've made my spreadsheet! Aiming to do 365 new films in 2017. Kept a column for where they're watched, so can tally up cinema trips too (guessing it'll be around 25 - 30). Vast majority will be at work as have a TV and PVR on my desk (one of the perks of working for a broadcaster).

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Well here's my list.


I'm sure I'm missing a few, as I wrote this up based on email bookings and I know I had at least half a dozen "walk ins". But it feels about right. 90% of them are cineworld with a smattering of Prince Charles/BFI for the golden oldies.

1. The Force Awakens
2. In the Heart of the Sea
3. Room
4. Creed
5. The Revenant
6. The 5th Wave
7. Dirty Grandpa
8. The Matrix
9. Ride Alone 2
10. Spotlight
11. 13 Hours
12. Youth
13. The Big Short
14. Goosebumps
15. Point Break
16. Deadpool
17. Triple 9
18. The Finest Hours
19. Grimsby
20. London Has Fallen
21. The Other Side Of The Door
22. Dad’s Army
23. The Witch
24. Allegiant
25. 10 Cloverfield Lane
26. Batman vs Superman
27. Eddie the Eagle
28. Hail, Caesar!
29. Batman vs Superman
30. Midnight Special
31. The Jungle Book
32. 47 Meters Down
33. The Huntsman: Winter’s War
34. Hardcore Henry
35. Captain America: Civil War
36. Criminal
37. Bastille Day
38. Captain America: Civil War
39. Bad Neighbours 2
40. Green Room
41. X-Men: First Class
42. X-Men: Days of Future Past
43. X-Men: Apocalypse
44. Our Kind of Traitor
45. Eye In The Sky
46. Green Room
47. North By North West
48. Independence Day
49. Independence Day: Resurgence
50. Bad Neighbours 2
51. Warcraft: The Beginning
52. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows
53. The Nice Guys
54. Warcraft: The Beginning
55. Alice Through the Looking Glass
56. Money Monster
57. Empire Of The Sun
58. Schindler’s List
59. The Conjuring 2
60. The Boss
61. Star Trek  
62. Star Trek: Into Darkness
63. Star Trek: Beyond
64. Central Intelligence
65. Ghostbusters
66. Star Trek: Beyond
67. Ghostbusters
68. Star Trek: Beyond
69. Suicide Squad
70. Pete’s Dragon
71. The Shallows
72. Little Shop of Horrors
73. Bad Moms
74. David Brent: Life on The Road
75. Lights Out
76. War Dogs
77. Sausage Party
78. The Purge: Election Year
79. Morgan
80. Mechanic: Resurrection
81. Ben-Hur
82. Hell or High Water
83. Kabo And The Two Strings
84. Blair Witch
85. Don’t Breath
86. Captain Fantastic
87. Top Gun
88. Hell or High Water
89. Anthropoid
90. The Infiltrator
91. The Girl On The Train
92. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
93. The Magnificent Seven
94. The Girl With All The Gifts
95. Deepwater Horizon
96. Blood Father
97. Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children
98. I Am Not A Serial Killer
99. Inferno
100. War On Everyone
101. Tazran
102. Weiner
103. Jason Bourne
104. The Birth Of A Nation
105. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
106. I, Daniell Blake
107. Doctor Strange
108. Termintor
109. Doctor Strange
110. Ouija: Origin of Evil
111. The Accountant
112. Arrival
113. Nocturnal Animals
114. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
115. Bad Santa 2
116. Allied
117. A United Kingdom
118. Sully
119. Rogue One
120. Office Christmas Party
121. Edge Of Seventeen
122. Bleed For This
123. Snowden
124. Elf
125. The Muppet Christmas Carol
126. Home Alone
127. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
128. Die Hard
129. Rogue One
130. Passengers


I'm not gonna lie... While there have obviously been some good smaller movies. As someone who loves big budget mainstream hollywood cinema.. I think this has been a terrible year. Maybe the worst in living memory for me. I kinda hated so many of these movies.


Hoping next year is better...

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Currently on #16 new films (i.e. something I've not seen before) for the year and thinking 1,000 in a year would take a Herculean effort. 365 should be fairly straightforward. Also been in touch with one of the local cinema chains about offering unlimited viewing cards, and they're looking into it :) 


At the current rate, should also pass 3,000 total all-time some time in the Autumn. Guess that's a pretty good amount but sure others are well above that. Wonder what a professional like Kermode would be on... 20,000?

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Three years in a row confirmed. I'm starting to feel like a snooker player who's just potted six reds and six blacks, and is eyeing up a 147 - the prospect of making it to 1,000 films at the cinema in ten years is becoming increasingly attractive and attainable. Anyway, here's my 2017 list, with The Greatest Showman still to come next Wednesday, making it 104 in total for this year:


1. Moana

2. Silence

3. Manchester by the Sea

4. A Monster Calls

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

6. La La Land

7. Trainspotting

8. Lion

9. Jackie

10. Hacksaw Ridge

11. Ghost in the Shell (1996)

12. Moonlight

13. T2: Trainspotting

14. Hidden Figures

15. Loving

16. The Founder

17. Split

18. The Lego Batman Movie

19. John Wick: Chapter Two

20. Fences

21. Patriots’ Day

22. Toni Erdmann

23. Logan

24. Viceroy’s House

25. Free Fire

26. Get Out

27. Kong: Skull Island

28. The Lost City of Z

29. Life

30. Ghost in the Shell (2017)

31. Beauty and the Beast

32. Boss Baby

34. Sing

35. Their Finest

36. The Sense of an Ending

37. Fast & Furious 8

38. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

39. A Dog’s Purpose

40. Mad Max – Fury Road (Black and Chrome Edition)

41. Alien: Covenant

42. Mindhorn

43. Miss Sloane

44. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

45. Colossal

46. Wonder Woman

47. Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge

48. My Cousin Rachel

49. Gifted

50. The Mummy

51. Baby Driver

52. Spider-Man Homecoming

53. It Comes at Night

54. War for the Planet of the Apes

55. The Beguiled

56. Despicable Me 3

57. Cars 3

58. Dunkirk

59. The Big Sick

60. Captain Underpants – The First Epic Movie

61. 47 Metres Down

62. Girls Trip

63. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

64. Annabelle: Creation

65. Batman and Harley Quinn

66. Atomic Blonde

67. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

68. Patti Cake$

69. Terminator 2 3D

70. American Made

71. Detroit

72. Logan Lucky

73. It

74. The Limehouse Golem

75. Wind River

76. mother!

77. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

78. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

79. Borg vs McEnroe

80. Victoria & Abdul

81. Goodbye Christopher Robin

82. Blade Runner 2049

83. The Lego Ninjago Movie

84. The Death of Stalin

85. Double Date

86. The Ritual

87. Happy Death Day

88. Earth: One Amazing Day

89. The Party

90. Marshall

91. Thor: Ragnarok

92. The Shining

93. Predator

94. Only the Brave

95. Paddington 2

96. Justice League

97. The Man Who Invented Christmas

98. The Disaster Artist

99. It’s a Wonderful Life

100. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

101. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

102. Blade of the Immortal

103. Ferdinand


Best of the year? Tricky. The Last Jedi is obviously right up there, but if I had to pick three more in a hurry (not including rereleased classics like The Shining and Close Encounters) then I'd probably go with Manchester By the Sea, mother! and The Disaster Artist. Oh, and Jackie. Got a busy January 2018 lined up already, and they're opening a new six-screen Cineworld about ten minutes from my house in Dover this February (which means no more having to traipse all the way to Ashford and back twice a week), so all being well I should have the next 100 done by November.


Movies. :)

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