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Helldivers - From the makers of Magika


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Four player unforgiving hardcore run and shoot-things-em-up. Out today on the PS4 in the US. Tomorrow in Europeland.


Full friendly fire and environmental damage sounds like we should have the same madcap accidental maimings that made Magika so hilarious.

Anyone thinking of playing? I've got my group of four ready for a blast tomorrow night if PSN stays upright

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Metro.co.uk have it listed as £16.99 (Cross Buy) in their review. Dunno if that's correct, or if that's with the 20% PS+ discount included.

That would be the standard price. £14-15 sounds fair for this with it being cross buy for a co-op game that has that diablo esque appeal. I bought a £35 PSN voucher from cd keys for about £31 just to have my (virtual) wallet ready.

If you buy from the US store, you won't get the plus discount (unless you have a US plus account) so no idea how much you'd save realistically.

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Stefcha mentioned upthread that's its allegedly cross play between platforms, which would be nice.

Yeah, from the post here and in the comments:


We welcome recruits from any background, be it PS3, PS4 or PS Vita. We offer full Cross-Buy, Cross-Save and Cross-Play between the platforms.

it’s Cross-Play between all platforms! Chat will also work.

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Looked suitably frenetic on the Giantbomb playthrough, but others have complained that it can be a bit boring before you unlock enough weapons/gain enough stratagems to tackle the higher difficulties. Seems 'hard' mode is really where it's at. Watched a walkthrough last night and the game looks patchy on medium difficulty, giving the players odd lulls when it should be piling on the pain (when waiting for the shuttle to complete the level, for example).

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