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Rock Band 4

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47 minutes ago, gossi the dog said:


A small fortune. The Xbox One accessories seem a little more expensive, but you're looking at the best part of GBP 100 each (if not more if still sealed) for the guitar, drum kit, cymbals.


Bloody hell!! That's mad!!




I've listed in my sales thread so if anybody is after kit let me know. :)

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On 30/05/2020 at 21:08, PDogg said:

Guys, is that on Xbox? I'd be keen if so and theres space? PDogg UK.

I was in Xbox today and still couldn't invite you from there. If you send a request to join rock'n'rll(muk) I can accept it from the app. @PDogg

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Been meaning to come back in with an update of where I've come since early May when I decided to get back into Rock Band - So, I now own the following;


360 and Xbox One:


Mad Catz Legacy Adapter 

2 x Rock Band Beatles wireless drums - 1 x RB3 3 Pro Cymbal pack of 3 cymbals which make the game 10 times better!

Wireless Hofner Bass from Beatles RB (good but too long)

Wireless Rickenbacker from Beatles RB (Incredible)

Rock Band mic x 3 (1 has built in controls which is really useful)


360 only

Wired Fender Precision Bass - very limited numbers of this and it's pretty awesome but ultimately a bit of a showpiece more than anything

Rock Band Keyboard - bought this when it came out but coudn't get along with it and struggling again as it's such a headfuck

Rock Band 2 ION Drum Rocker with 2 x cymbals - Aaaaaaaamazing!!!!111!!!


Xbox One only

Rock Band 4 Fender Jaguar - Beautiful and super easy to play but more like a toy that any other RB guitar



On the software side

Rock Band 1, 2, 3 (with 500 customs) and RB4 with 150 paid for DLC's so far.

RB ACDC, Green Day, Beatles and RB Lego


Think I might have to stop now hahaha, this shit has cost me a small fortune but I love it all and I'm just working at improving my drumming across some of the amazing customs available for RB3. Mostly trying to play GnR, Arctic Monkeys and Metallica on expert. 


If anyone wants a set of wireless drums for 360/xbox one (needs an adapter) then hmu. \m/

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Hi all,


I'm looking for a playstation pro Midi adapter and wondered if anyone had one for sale. I'm trying eBay, buth thought I'd also check here.


Thank you.

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Hi Fused - I bought one recently for the 360 for £60 (new) from eBay and it came within a day, I thought that was a result!!


Another update in the ongoing saga that is getting back in to Rock Band in a big way - I've since bought an Alesis Surge and I'm selling the ION Drum Rocker, which allows me to have a proper ekit for when I am unable to play my acoustic set as well as use it in RB 360. Loving the Surge, the mesh heads are awesome but the drum sounds aren't as good as they could be. Still, decent for the price.


I also bougth the midi adapter as I said above and I was looking for a RB2 wireless kit so I could take it apart and use the brain to connect my Alesis to RB4 without the £750 PDP adapter (using Roll Limitless - www.rolllimitless.com) but I ended up buying RB3 wireless drums by accident (albeit with the 3 cymbal expansion), and these don't work in the same way so aren't much use to me. I now have 3 wireless 360 kits (2 x beatles, 1 RB3) and 2 x RB3 3 cymbal expansions. FFFFFFUUUUUUU, should propbably sell it all but might well keep most of it in case something breaks.


Still, I have established that I can buy a lot of DLC for RB3 on the 360 and use my eKit with proper charts (as opposed to the awesome, but ultimately not official customs, and the poor RB3 on disc music) and get the RB4 version free to use with one of my 2 full pro setups (RB Drums and Cymbals). It's a shame I didn't realise to buy DLC on 360 if possible before I laid down on a ton of stuff for the Xbox One that isn't then free on the 360.


TLDR - Rock Band is a massive awesome headache and I still can't use my shiny new eKit on RB4 because people are asking for £750 for the adapter that would have been $10 back in the day. My missus hates me as my house is full of Rock Band stuff and actual drum kits. 

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