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Rock Band 4


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On 13/10/2020 at 17:56, Fry Crayola said:

Harmonix have confirmed this, all DLC, and all currently supported instruments will continue to work on the relevant next generation machine.




"All DLC currently available for download will also work on new consoles. No messy generation transition this time, it’s the same DLC!"


But... what about all the previous game imports? There's a complicated history of previous game imports. On Xbox 360 I had imported RB1, RB2, Green Day, etc into RB3... and then nearly all those songs imported successfully into RB4, giving me a library of nearly all previous disc content for all previous RB games.


How much of that will still be there if I resume play on Series X?

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What @moosegrinder is saying is that I have been pressing the “send taunt” button. Because you get an achievement or bonus points or XP or something if you send enough of them. I still love you man :wub:


I also still love this game. Hiatus of a few years notwithstanding. Brutal mode is a bit of a giggle, isn’t it?


And yes, clearly rivals mode is very little more than a surefire way to sell DLC. I hope whoever thought of it is getting very fat from all the bonuses they should be given, because it’s really very clever.

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Right, so I moved the Xbox into the room with the drum kit and had a bit of a play... and it was pretty bad.


Two things have happened while I’ve been away. Firstly (and this is no one’s fault) my electric kit has managed to reset itself to factory settings. This means it has lost all of my careful calibration to prevent misfires (when you hit one drum and it registers the vibration on other drums at the same time). This in turn means until I get it dialled back in, it’s very hard to keep a streak going in Rock Band. 


Secondly and more importantly, I had just forgotten that I really don’t like playing drums in Rock Band! There are so many bullshit charting decisions that they got wrong all the way back in Rock Band 1 and then we’ve been stuck with ever since. That Simple Minds song this week is a perfect example. At the start of the song the hi hats are red (except when it’s an open hat, which is fucking blue) and the snare is yellow. Somewhere in the middle they decide to switch it back around so the hats are on yellow again (again, except when they’re blue). The ride is mostly blue, except when it isn’t. Green is almost always crash, but sometimes the crash is on yellow. And so on. It’s just dreadful. Obviously the whole thing is exacerbated because I’m playing it on an actual kit.

Every Guitar Hero game from Metallica onwards got the drums absolutely right. I just forgot that I stopped playing Rock Band drums and spent years playing the Hero games exclusively. 

I will stick with it a bit longer and try to at least get the misfires sorted out. But don’t expect huge Rivals points from me on drums I’m afraid. Guitar, bass and vocals I can still do, so I’ll be contributing there when I can instead.

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I need to try and get back into this. I LOVED playing this and Guitar Hero and have quite a big library. It's been a long while so I know it's going to take ages and sore fingers/forearms getting back to my best. I was never great on Expert but could hold my own on Hard. 

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Well we can only improve one spotlight song, and for the rest just play, and play well lol. But seems like it's not quite doable for us this week. It is though the most the crew has played in a single week for a very very long time so it certainly wasn't for a lack of effort. 

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Apparently although I’ve played the second most number of eligible songs, I’m hardly earning any LP (Leaderboard Points??) on average. 

Just about half what @mr twig has earned from only a few more plays, and still less than @Munty Cakes has made from about half my plays.


What does it mean and how do I be more productive?

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