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Working with Excel and VB to create a simple count

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Hey there,

I'm looking at a way of logging when we get referrals in (we aren't connected to any main hospital system and as such are currently doing this by simple tally charts). It's the first time I've seen this process we use and I know it can be automated, we're currently writing down a new sheet of paper for everyday and then translating that into an excel sheet by hand


Anyway, I can see this process would be much easier if we essentially had a digital tally sheet on a touch screen with a button you press that then sends an 'add + 1' command to an excel box.

To be honest, I would love to know how to do this myself and put a bit of work in to achieve it but I never know where to get started with google on projects like this.

Any help much appreciated.

I hope the loss of the development folder doesn't discourage the friendly helpful crowd that did from time to time hang out there!

Maybe this should be in ATF. I just don't know.

Now I've done this, is there a way to make it so I can label the button itself with a word rather than just an up and a down arrow?

Ahhhh I think this might be what I want:


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