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Playtonic's Yooka-Laylee


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23 hours ago, Paulando said:

Still on its way - they posted an update recently. Glad to hear the dialogue can be skipped now (did I get that right?), as it was bloody awful. Seriously couldn't stand another second of it after the third batch.


You can now press a button while talking to someone & instead of "ruh ra ra ra ruh, ra ruh rar, ruh..." while the text crawls across the screen, you then just get "ruh." & everything they have to say appears at once.  You can also skip cutscenes entirely even if you haven't gone through them on that save file before.  


They're both things that really should have been there from the beginning IMO, & may have put people off by their absence.  I'm just glad Playtonic stuck with it & tried to make this game better after it's rocky start.

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I haven't played the game since the patch but I'm not convinced the changes will be enough to overcome the problems in the level design. It's nice if it's more polished but the sprawling, unfocused. directionless level design are the bigger problems by far. I gave the game a lot of time too - expanded every single world and pretty much rinsed three of them. It's just so hard to track where you've been, where you're going and where you are in the level. They should have made the levels Banjo Kazooie size, they're just way too sprawling.


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I’ve played the Switch version for a couple of hours now, and I am enjoying it more than I did on PS4. I think that’s more to do with me having more patience with handheld games than any improvements they’ve made to it.


However, I’m still on the first world and I have absolutely no idea what I need to be doing. I couldn’t seem to get to the second stage, so I went back to the first and wandered around some more. I found a couple of pagies in the wild and a boss character (which was pretty frustrating - thankfully it just restarts at the boss if you die). It held my hand until I expanded the first book, but what I should do after this is anyone’s guess.

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My lads bought this for my birthday for me back in November, and I was really disappointed in it. Seems like I had no clue what to do, controls were all over the place, really didn't like it. After 100%ing B-K and even DK64 back in the day (Banjo-Tooie could do one though, never finished that) I was gutted. Was going to trade it in, but gave it another go this week and love it. Whatever didn't click last time really did this time. Weird. I think I was in the mood for a light hearted game, I just stopped Bloodborne because real life is shitty at the moment, and this seems just the tonic.


The music and humour are spot on, some real proper laughs, and I can forgive the handling now I am used to it, having recently had a go on emulated B-K, the handling may have been tighter but the camera was a nightmare. I just think it suits my mood at the moment, and the pen and paper aspect of writing down stuff I spot to do later reminds me of yesteryear as well instead of having a Ubimap. It's very obvious that this is aimed at people who played the originals, and it does a brilliant nostalgia job in that regard. Is the soundtrack available anywhere? Would be nice to have some cheery tunes on hand for when I need them

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Man this is weird. It's brilliant but so damn similar I actually looked for a mod as the music was irritating; it's almost the same as banjo just a key off which is progressively annoying. 


Found this but I'd love for someone to mod banjo and kazooie into the main roles. Just give them the IP please Rare you messed it up with that build-a-truck game anyway. 



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