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FTL9 - Team Building - Sign Up


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FTL8 is coming to a close on Thursday 2nd April.

Wheels are already in motion for the FTL9, its a version we have done before which seems quite popular, which is building a team from scracth via a massive silent auction.


















Priority goes to players already in the FTL.

New players are more than welcome to join, Ill do my best to fit you in, but it will be first come first served on spaces.

I want to work on this next week with final numbers in mind, so close of sign up is Midnight on Sunday 29th March.

In football, managers might not always get the players they want, they may even see players leave who they had figured in there plans.

Its all about that working relationship with the chairman. In this edition of the FTL you wont be building your own team, your chairman is responsible for all the comings and goings at the club and its on you to lead them onto the pitch.

Ofcourse you can advise your chairman what you want, you can advise them all day long about who you want and dont want but its upto them to speak to the other chairmen and broker the deals.

How it will work...

All managers will be paired up with another team that they will become he chairman of... The manager of that team will become the chairman of your club. Example Steely manager of Middlesbrough has Andy as Chairman, and Andy Manager of Manchester has Steely as chairman.

Andy must negotiate and confirm all deals for Middlesbrough and Steely for Manchester.

As a manager Steely cannot get involved in any deals for Middlesbrough in private chat or in the thread other than players moving between the club he is chairman of, he is free to discuss any dealings Middlesbrough are looking at with Andy but its on Andy to talk to other clubs, sell and buy players. In PM and in the thread.

So why build a team for one of your opposition...?

Well this season is a team effort, whilst we will still have our standard table there will also be a table for all Manager/Chairman combos. Andys points become Steelys points and Steelys Andys. There will be two winners of the league and thats the partnership who has the most combined points at the end of the season.

How will the teams be decided?

Top rank + Bottom Rank

2nd Top + Second Bottom

And so on.

Its time for a team effort.

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I was totally dicked by the pre season injuries the last time I was involved in this. Is that still a thing?

It is Im afraid! Its a way of nudging people towards the transfer market, and Im not sure if we had them the season you joined us but you have a few sponges to wash those injuries away if they are truely painful ones.

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Hiiiiii guys.

Been AWOL for a while, once again me and Tyler off saving the rain forest and stuff.

I see winko has already signed me up after discussion surrounding VIII, awesome. My favourite part (by some margin) is picking the team so well up for this thanks Steelios.

See you all again soon.....

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