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FTL9 - League is go.


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Yeah, anyone listed as injured now or during the first half of the season are only injured until the mid-way point. Then they'll be available.

At the mid-way point Steel has already said there will be a new set of legs broken.

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Nice one Andy, a dumber question than mine!

Pick whoever you want to play as, transfer as many out elsewhere as you can and then re-build with your side in the 'edit teams' page. You'll get a handful of "this club has 5 players out on loan already" type messages, you then need to transfer more out of your own side or more into the side you are trying to transfer from.

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Question - when we play FTL in 'custom mode' do we get players latest online/updated ratings, or the ratings they were given at launch??


Stupid question but how do we build our teams in FIFA for this? Do I pick Bayern as a starting point?

Pick any team and transfer your lot in (I got rid of the existing lot just so I can't accidentally play them)
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