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GTAV PC tech-talk thread

Opinionated Ham Scarecrow

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This runs great for me. Easy 60 fps, but after about 30 mins of play, I get freezes when driving fast which worsen. If I restart the game it's fine but if I continue it starts glitching out (cars float and road textures disappear).

No one else having this problem? Seems like a memory leak.

I'm having the exact same problem, people on reddit are saying it might be a memory leak too. Makes it unplayable after a while and not sure there is a solution until they patch it.

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I'm trying to install this with the non-Steam version. I run the installer I got from RSC and get to the point where I choose the install directory (left on default) and press next. The splash screen with the green bar comes up, and then disappears and nothing happens. When I click on the shortcut it made nothing happens either.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled, repaired the installation, run as administrator and downloaded the latest Direct X manually, made sure there's 2 x 60GB space on the destination drive. Every time it does the same thing :(

Most of the fixes I've found online refer to the User Account issue which was supposedly fixed in the latest update. And my user account name does not use unusual characters anyway. So if I just got this it should be fixed...

Has anyone else had this problem and know any fixes? :( :(

edit: It's ok. If anyone else gets this problem you just need to reinstall Windows...

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First-person is amazing enough! I think I'd shit myself with the Oculus! Last night I got drunk and drove around the city like a madman in my souped-up supercar! IT WAS SO FUN! Managed not to get hit, the alcohol wore off and I drove it back carefully to the house; only for the gate to not open in time and completely wrecked it! :lol:

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I was going to try and wait, but I couldn't!

Got rid of my 360 version as soon as the PC version was confirmed and only did up to the first heist.

It's been a while, therefore, since I last played this but it's great to have it again,

Have only managed the intro so far but it's a wonderful world to just have fun in, although I probably get most enjoyment out of just chilling going on a nice drive across the map.

Just need to sort out the graphics settings. I've set everything to either High or Very High but I couldn't get the Benchmark Test to run.

Everything seems to run fine so far and it looks very nice, so I might just leave everything as it is.

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They're key sites, so the price isn't directly dictated by Rockstar themselves.

See, I'm thinking that as GTA is so tied in to the Social Club, the Steam version probably just launches that and lets it get on with the matter of downloading updates etc, rather than Rockstar having to manage a separate update process for Steam. I could be wrong, though.

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