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World Endurance Championship (WEC) Thread


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Nissan are there for the shits and giggles this year, nothing more. Build a team, get some PR, play the underdog card and try out the technology. If they were serious they'd have been ready for Silverstone.

I don't mind really how well they do. They're here and the PR job so far has been fantastic with lots of shots of the car, open and upfront with fans and media. They aren't going to waltz in and beat Audi's 15 year program are they. Porsche have got a wealth of experience and Toyota are on the crest of their program which was built out of the F1 failure. So Nissan are way behind on basic on infrastructure. The LMP2 engine program was their feed in to this so for the first year of a full program, getting there is half the battle.

I'd like them to do well, but really as long as they don't disgrace themselves, I'll be happy.

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Yeah, and it's worth stating again, with all the good competitors that have come and gone since Audi debuted the Audi R8 proper, they are currently 14 for 15 wins at LeMans.

The only time Audi have been beaten is one Peugeot win and even then it required 2 Audis to crash and 1 to break down.

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How do these Endurance / GT races make any money? I'm watching the British GT Championship on Motors TV and there is no one there, the 12 Hour Zandvoort that was on yesterday also looked like it was taking place in front of completely empty stands. Is everyone taking part making a loss?

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It's not F1 so the costs are considerably less.

To put it into perspective, When Max Chilton got fired from Marussia, he took his personal sponsorship and effectively paid for a third car at Le Mans for Nissan. The scale of things in British GT, the European Le Mans series, Blancpan etc are just so much lower. A well funded failed F1 driver could pay for a years driver in a national series and a couple of races at international level.

But yeah these things aren't as well attended as F1 is. The WEC series will get a big draw, Silverstone this year was rammad. Le Mans is usually sold out of camping space a good seven months before the race. But the later rounds in the middle east and china can be short on spectator numbers.

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okay .. how about this

Top ten by make and car number.
and fastest lap.
The usual 1 point for being in the top ten, 5 points for being in the right place and pole /fastest lap correctness
Bonus points for:
The total number of laps. 20 points for being right and 10 points if within 10 laps, 5 points within 20 laps
10 points each for the winners in LMP2, GT am and GT pro.
Points for predicting the hours that the Nissans park up.
Points are awarded for the hour they go out, so if the first car fails within the first hour … 1 point. 3am 12 points etc.
You can predict 24 and I will accept a car getting home in that time. So if you think they get at least one car home, say 24. If all three get to the end that 3x24 points.
How does that sound ?
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How does that sound ?

Like a lot of work lol ;) Unfortunately I got > 60hrs of work this week so not much spare time left i'm afraid.

Wasn't even to watch first Eurosport special yesterday but did just now. Couple things that stood out:

-The Nissan looks much better on the big screen and just better each time i see it.

-I don't have 3d glasses or TV and that Aston made my plasma go into a spasm and gave me a headache. What's going on? Why?

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It starts today people ....

Radio Le mans show times and helpfully with English and French times .. hurrrrah !!!

BST - CET - Title
09:30 10:30 Scrutineering - Sunday
10:30 11:30 Scrutineering - Monday
12:00 13:00 Midweek Motorsport at Le Mans
14:00 15:00 Inside Mobil 1
14:30 15:30 Free Practice
19:15 20:15 TLO: Mitch Evans
19:45 20:45 TLO: Doug Feehan
20:00 21:00 TLO: Ollie Jarvis
20:45 21:45 Qualifying
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Thursdays radio le mans timetable ...


10:00 11:00 Pit Lane Live
12:00 13:00 Thursday at Le Mans, with Jonny Palmer
14:30 15:30 Le Mans Legends Preview
14:55 15:55 Le Mans Legends Qualifying
16:15 17:15 Aston Martin Festival Qualifying
17:45 18:45 Le Mans Qualifying 2
20:30 21:30 Le Mans Qualifying 3

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Right .. good chance of rain tonight, BUT if it doesn't rain, can anyone beat the Porsche ? I think Audi might have a pop just at the end but they're going to be terrible Audi and work on race pace tonight. That thing is certainly faster than the Porsche on the twisty bits, and i think it's not almost as fast on the straight bits with this new LM aero kit.

Porsche are desperate to dominate the whole event and are chasing top speed AND I think its doing so at the expense of reliability. Audi might want to push one car up to try and upset the Porsche front row lock out and keep them honest for the first hour or so. Audi are making the car fast for the whole circuit and are going to play the waiting game of "How long is it going to cost Porsche to fix that little problem?"

Toyota... well there's much scratching of heads at Toyota as to why the cars are so far back. and I don't think its purely a case of a reliable car wins Le Mans. It's down on power and not much more reliable or efficient. They are going to need Audi to have problems as well as Porsche to be on the podium here.

Nissan, well they're still just here for the shits and giggles. But I think they can get at least one car to the finish. it'll be laps back, but it'll be there.

so lets hope we don't get any rain tonight and Audi give Porsche a run for the front row.

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Le Mans is not only an excellent event, but for me (and many others I guess) it kind of marks a time of year when summer's rolling in, days are long and the various forms of motorsport are all settling down into whatever theme/story they're going to run with until the end of the season. Looking forward to it :)

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No-one's going to get close to Porsche's pole time, I think. I audi were closer, they might go for it, but I don;t see it happening. It'll be race simulation runs from everyone tonight.

I can;t be bothered with a big complicated prediction thing, but here's my top 3

1: #7 Audi

2: #17 Porsche

3: #1 Toyota.

I think we're going to see a fair bit of attrition, between the hybrid systems and the traffic. the P1s are pushing so hard through the high-speed turns, I'm pretty sure we'll see more than one trip up on a GT or P2.

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I think we're going to see a fair bit of attrition, between the hybrid systems and the traffic. the P1s are pushing so hard through the high-speed turns, I'm pretty sure we'll see more than one trip up on a GT or P2.

Aye, I'm watching quali right now. The onboard of the Audi as it dodges the GT cars is crazy.

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