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World Endurance Championship (WEC) Thread


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When is the right time to have a beer...

That's a question?!

Should you still need guidance, you could go with every time that someone says 'point'.

Alternatives are Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Dempsey, second, lead, lap, race, safety, fuel, curves, pit(s), P1, P2 or GT. Or pick a number... or three!


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Four classes of cars making up a field of 55 starters today. Each car is driven by a team over three drivers of over the 24h. Each class has its own winner as well as the 'overall' winner - races within the race, then.The quickest cars are the Porsche and Audi prototype cars, and it's been really close so far. There is also excellent racing in the other classes, which shouldn't be ignored.

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