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FTL10 - What do you want to do? POLL



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FTL10 - Just got Real

A take on real life footballing situations around the globe in this coming transfer window. You will be allocated a team such as...

-Juventus and the option to sell Paul Pogba to another Non FTL club for 70M and rebuild the team.

-QPR 12 players have contracts due to expire this summer, you will be able keep some of them but you do have to slash your overall wagebill for life in the championship.

-Bournemouth - Have heavy investment in your team to take on the premierleague.

Blackpool - You are fucked mate.

FTL10 - Chairman's Edition

In football, managers might not always get the players they want, they may even see players leave who they had figured in there plans.

Its all about that working relationship with the chairman. In this edition of the FTL you wont be building your own team, your chairman is responsible for all the comings and goings at the club and its on you to lead them onto the pitch.

Ofcourse you can advise your chairman what you want, you can advise them all day long about who you want and dont want but its upto them to speak to the other chairmen and broker the deals.

How it will work...

All managers will be paired up with another team that they will become he chairman of... The manager of that team will become the chairman of your club. Example Steely manager of Middlesbrough has Andy as Chairman, and Andy Manager of Manchester has Steely as chairman.

Andy must negotiate and confirm all deals for Middlesbrough and Steely for Manchester.

As a manager Steely cannot get involved in any deals for Middlesbrough in private chat or in the thread other than players moving between the club he is chairman of, he is free to discuss any dealings Middlesbrough are looking at with Andy but its on Andy to talk to other clubs, sell and buy players. In PM and in the thread.

So why build a team for one of your opposition...?

Well this season is a team effort, whilst we will still have our standard table there will also be a table for all Manager/Chairman combos. Andys points become Steelys points and Steelys Andys. There will be two winners of the league and thats the partnership who has the most combined points at the end of the season.

How will the teams be decided?

Top rank + Bottom Rank

2nd Top + Second Bottom

And so on.

Its time for a team effort.

FTL10 - Extremes

Each manager is given a team to start with, with extreme limitations. Example.

-Tiny 11. (All players below 5.5)

-Giant 11. (All players about 6.5)

-Speedster 11. (Speedster Badges.)

-Best 11 in the world (for Andy)

-Slugs 11. (All players below 50 sprint Speed)

-Youngsters. (Under 17s)

-Oldies. (Over 35s)

And then a normal window ensues to try and balance that team a bit better!

FTL10 - We are all Rich!

Pick from the European elite, The people who are usually rich will be MEGA rich, those who can usually spurge a bit will be RICH, those who are usually paupers will be allowed to spend some real monies.

For fear of upsetting the balance we could have some handicap on the league table.

FTL10 - Legends Edition

Build a team of former players only, example if I was to pick Chelsea, I could have Robben, Carvaliho, Cole, Gudgeonson. Middlesbrough I could have Downing, Yakubu, Cattermole, A. Johnson, James Morrison.

All player would have to be present and ready for transfer according to Sofifa. How exactly I would build up the excel file or how this would be policed isnt clear yet! Just an early idea.

Other Minor Adjustments...

-Bring back perks?

-Start banning players who collect yellow cards?

-Was the sponge incentive any good?

-Ban speedster for the better managers?


Feel free to throw any ideas in the mixer or pick and choose which ones you think sound mint and which ones sound proper shite.

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Not so keen on the top one but like the rest. The extremes one sounds quality (although speedster one would have be nuked, that guy would trade with no-one :P). As does the legends edition.

Deffo would recommend an FTL where the top speed player on the market is nuked (maybe have 75 as a max?).

Deffo bring back bans for cards (2 yellows for the same player = ban, 1 red card = 2 match ban, etc, although this would need to be managed - happy to help out if so!).

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All good stuff Steelios. FIFAscum great idea, in the background again would be good.

Cards yes, max pace stat NO(!), chairman idea I like, as well as legends.

Maybe see if anymore ideas come up (I doubt there could be many more, you've covered quite a lot!) and run a winchpoll?

It will tell us fuck all, but they're always good entertainment in their own right.

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I cant cap the pace, all I can do is take out speedsters and to be honest I was only really thinking about taking away the cheap speedsters like anyone who is below 75 overall or banning certain people from being able to buy them, its the ones who are picked up on the cheap... Mainly by me like!

Regarding cards and suspensions... Banning players banning for 2 games, 3 games etc is always difficult! Due to the way we play our fixtures it makes ot very difficult to police, like the injuries I recon the only way to manage it would be 3 yellows = banned till mid season, 1 red and a yellow = banned till mid season etc.

I think we need a Winchpoll.

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Extremes is defo a throw back to the old school like to way back when with Baring, Sean, Smithstock, BigJamie so Ive always been this much of a geek, its not a new thing.

I must admit, reading smithy's and Sean's posts did get me thinking that you are like a proper nerd steely!! Inventing games like that in your adolescence whilst the rest of us were sneaking alcohol from our folks cabinet and dabbling in recreational narcotics!

It's served you well all these years later mind, king of the hill round these parts with all these ideas!

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Aye we've done some good ones over the years.

- A squad of 16 where every player is a different nationality

- Over 30s

- Playing strikers in defence / defenders up front

You could also do forced formations like 4-2-4 or 3-4-3.

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1 players from each team in a league aswell.

The realms of geekiness are endless.

It was just the ungodly amount of ISS, Pro Evo, Fifa we played, got bored of standard teams it need mixing up every now and again.

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Aye we've done some good ones over the years.

- A squad of 16 where every player is a different nationality

- Over 30s

- Playing strikers in defence / defenders up front

You could also do forced formations like 4-2-4 or 3-4-3.

I'm using a 3-4-3 for the 2nd half of this season, unforced.

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Dissappointing steely. You've obviously gone ahead and done this poll without consulting Wincho!

It appears to have structure and indeed a purpose, you should really of got Winchy involved if you wanted a truly pointless poll. This one just doesn't feel right.

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