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GameCube Appreciation Thread


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Ahh the 'Cube, so many awesome memories, importing a US machine on launch, getting it switched, seeing my friends Spice Orange machine for the first time, getting Wave Birds for the first time, drunk Double Dash and F Zero sessions on the projector.

I'm still hoping to acquire a Panasonic Q soon, I think they are gorgeous. As for my games collection, I thought I'd take some pics:



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Strangely, I booted up the Gamecube for the first time in about 8 years on Sunday night and then the very next day this thread appeared. Played a fair bit of F-Zero GX and also Virtua Striker 2002, which I played a lot of in the days when Pro Evo was amazing on the PS2, and yet despite being over 14 years old plays like an arcadey football game should. It weirdly hasn't aged, probably helped by not havng any real player names , but there's something veey satisfying about it.

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I really have quite an emotional connection to this little machine. At the time of release in Japan and the US it wasn't even known if they'd release it in the UK, so my friend Jon managed to order a launch date model from the US. I went round his house for the ceremonial unboxing, pluging in the TV and turning it on. I remember being completely blown away by how good Rogue Leader looked. I think he had Luigis Mansion and Monkey Ball as well.

I got my cube about a week later, having order it from Lik-Sang when someone had worked out how to do the US/Jap switch mod. Just looking at the shelf trying to think what held the best times - Certainly Wind Waker - I loved the style of the game, I remember thinking it was like playing an animated movie it was that good. I played through Resident Evil 4 multiple times because it was just amazing (but I also quite enjoyed the RE:make and even RE: zero).

I also ended up really enjoying a few RPG's Jon gave me when he ditched his cube, Paper Mario was just awesome, and the interwinding story of Tales of Synphonia also great. I loved Pikmin, but Pikmin 2 I haven't got around to yet (shocking). There were a few games I really wanted to love, but they didn't quite click with me. Smash Bros I enjoyed for a while, but then decided it was button mashing. Viewtiful Joe I got a certain way, but then got hopelessly stuck (even on kids difficulty) VJ 2 is sitting on the shelf taunting me.

There's also things I enjoyed that repelled everyone else. I really enjoyed Starfox Adventures :) My cube is still connected up to my gaming TV, and I've been using it over the past few weeks for it's GameBoy player (finally finishing Metroid Fusion)

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Aha! That's the name I was looking for in my earlier post. Got a beautiful Spice Orange controller, 4 extension cables, and about £200 worth of credit card fraud off them.

Seriously though, how lovely was that Spice Orange stuff?


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Cool documentary.

Also; Luigi's Mansion >>>>>>> ... Luigi's Mansion 2.

Granted, it has some great moments, and is never a bad game; but stuff like the endless number of collectibles, the tacked on story elements, and the the poorly designed bosses - compared to the glorious ghosts of the first game, make the sequel pale in comparison to the far superior GC original. And the sand/ clockwork level was just terrible. They should've never given that franchise to Next Level Games :(

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Aha! That's the name I was looking for in my earlier post. Got a beautiful Spice Orange controller, 4 extension cables, and about £200 worth of credit card fraud off them.

Seriously though, how lovely was that Spice Orange stuff?


Ah, that lovely pair of faces on the front, with eyebrows and everything, formed by the controller and card ports. :wub:

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Posted various other places, but here is my complete (?) collection of Japanese Gamecube-games, 279 in total.



Still looking for proper protectors for them, for now I'm just using some "manga" bags.

Wow! :o

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I'll have to take some pictures of my GC collection. It's still my favourite console, I've got three (all PAL sadly) the last of which I picked up for £50 from Game when they were clearing them out which when I opened it years later worked fine but has a broken reset button. Worries about the console yellowing stopped be buying the ice white Mario Strikers bundle and I still regret that decision now.

Speaking of used game prices, I've got the extremely average Mario Superstar Baseball which was one of the last games released in the UK for the system and it's going for £45 on eBay now which is crazy.

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Yeah I was looking at that as well. As much as I like Baseball I don't think it's something I'll go for. Knowing me though I'll probably buy it...

Here's my current want list (will worry about non-pal exclusives once these are out of the way)

Baten Kaitos (in transit)

Battalion Wars

Billy Hatcher (got)

Bomberman Generation (got)

Dancing Stage Mario

Donkey Konga 2

Doshin The Giant

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Harvest Moon (in transit)

Lost Kingdoms 2 (got)

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mario Party 5

Mario Smash Football

Megaman Network Transmission

Metal Gear Solid

Mystic Heroes

Odama (got)

Paper Mario

Phantasy Star 3 (in transit)

Pool Paradise (got)

R Racing (for Pac-Man Vs)

Resident Evil o (got)

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil Code Veronica (just so I have all the best REs on one system) (got)

Skies Of Arcadia Legends

Super Monkey Ball 2

Tales Of Symphonia

Viewtiful Joe 2

Wario Ware (got)

Wario World

It's a lot more focused that my Xbox list, mainly because the game's prices mean I won't just buy on a whim. I reckon once I get all these I'll have a cracking collection. I'm ignoring most multiformat third party stuff as I already have better versions on Xbox.

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I've got three GCs; my original black PAL launch one, a platinum NTSC one imported for Animal Crossing, and an Ice White PAL one from the Mario Strikers bundle which I don't think has ever been used.

Still have a decent selection of games, mostly NTSC copies, including Twilight Princess, Chibi-Robo and Paper Mario.

I've got a terrible confession to make though - I sold my PAL copy of Skies of Arcadia Legends to Cex a year or two ago when I was desperate for cash, despite knowing how rare it was.

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Focused list + Billy Hatcher = DOES NOT COMPUTE

When I was released I actually used the code on the box to get the Billy Hatcher theme as a ringtone for Noka 3310. They don't do bonuses like that anymore.

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I got mine as a Christmas present from my brother - he already had one.

I will always remember booting up Super Mario Sunshine. It looked fantastic and felt new. Yes, it has flaws but there are so many great ideas in there - the way the controls change, the hidden level entrances and the incredible 3D platforming of the caves. Something as simple as rolling the giant watermelon around the beach shows a classic Nintendo approach to gaming.

Once you get used to the pad, it feels more comfortable for extended play sessions than some controllers.

So many great games too, including the Metroids and Zelda (special mention for the Zelda Collection, worth picking up). I also had a lot of fun on BMX XXX and the Tony Hawk's Underground games despite what the critics said.

Like Darran there are a lot I want to add to my collection but put off by high prices.

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