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15 minutes ago, Dudley said:

I didn't hear that comment but is it not as obvious as he stopped 7 laps later?


Im not sure, they’d been going on about it quite a bit so maybe it was as simple as that. 


The TV presentation is amateur hour compared to F1 isn’t it 

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First time watching this. The audio is terrible. Dale Earnheart’s mic is too close to his face so it pops constantly, they keep suddenly adding weird cuts of music, and the booth isn’t isolated properly so you can’t hear them when cars are going past, I take it this is standard in America? :D

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26 minutes ago, mexos said:

I want Simon to win. Mainly because he’s called Simon which amuses me and  also because he’s not Rossi.


He's not really Simon, just the Americans can't pronounce it in French.

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50 minutes ago, morcs said:

Is Sato Takuma? Must be getting on a bit!


It is, he's 43 I believe. He's won this race before.


41 minutes ago, ryodi said:

Pippa Mann finished 16th which I think is her best finish at Indy, Sato out of nowhere as well for a podium.


It is! albeit by 1 pace.  Given only Juncos is a tinier team on the entry list and Juncos aren't a 1 race team it's a very credible effort.

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