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Football Kits 2015/16


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Our promo shots are as shite as ever so here's our new home kit from the game against Deportivo last night:


Divisive as always ('It's the wrong/right shade of blue', 'It's the wrong/right width of stripe!', 'Black?!' etc.) but I think it's alright. Ruined by the sponsor like most shirts, but alright. With Puma I'm conditioned to expect worse. I'm not opposed to the black trim as it reminds me of good times:


Oh Marcus, how we loved you.

In 'not ruined by a sponsor' news, Fiorentina were always the team I liked in Italy (Batistuta, Rui Costa and all that) and they've gone the Roma route this time around:


What a stunner :wub: . I never buy modern shirts but I think I might treat myself to that bad boy. The away and third are similar, just in white and very dark navy. Gorgeous.

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It reminds me of those shirts you see in Top Shop or wherever that've got a T-shirt sort of sewn into them to save you the horrendous hassle of putting an actual T-shirt on under a normal shirt should that happen to be the look you desire.

Except this one is a T-shirt with a T-shirt-with-slightly-longer-sleeves sewn into it and then a tracksuit top sewn into that.

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Sorry Salina, I'm with the others on this. It's not really a long sleeve top is it? It's a short sleeve that someone's mum has sown extra fabric on to keep her little dear one warm through the winter. Just looks bad. And the extra strip of fabric at the bottom looks daft too.

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