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Top 100 games of all time (Rllmuk 2015 edition) - Results now showing: No. 1


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Apologies for the necrobump. It just struck me earlier that it was a shame games like The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne came out a bit late to feature in people's votes for this list, as I can see them doing well in our 2015 forum awards. Out of interest, are there any games that people are voting for in the 2015 awards that they would have put on their existing top 20 votes for this all time list if they had come out sooner? I could probably whack the changes in the spreadsheet to see what effect it would have had...

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See, I'm not sure that's a bad thing; if anything, if I were to do something like this I'd probably exclude all games that had come out in the 12 months prior to the list, as I do think that adding a bit of critical distance can be helpful - it's easy to get swept up in your excitement for a game that you've played and loved recently (or indeed to gain an appreciation for something on a later replay).


Though, then again, as time goes on you can get the opposite problem, where historic focus and consensus can drive more personal favourites out of people's lists, leading to increasing homogeneity of results over time, so maybe that's not such a great thing.

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On the other hand, I absolutely adored trading between Barnard's Star and Sol on Frontier for days on end, and objectively I reckon that's about as boring as you can get in games. So I'm not necessarily to be trusted.

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