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Dark Souls 3


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I'll believe it when I see it. Perhaps Gerbik is right and they just mean the Bloodborne expansion will be announced at E3.

Another possibility of course is that they'll announce a HD remake of either Demon's Souls or Dark Souls.

Or maybe both, with the intention of packaging them together with DaS2 as a trilogy. Which might also explain where the confused source of VG247 got the number 3 from. And the presence of DeS would make it a de facto Sony exclusive, which would line up with the rumour that From is revealing whatever this is at the Sony conference.

It just feels too soon for a proper DaS3.

Edit: a HD remake of Demon's Souls would also make me very very happy. Come on Sony!

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Nicked from Neogaf - Info and screens from the video, save you watching it.

- To release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One in 2016
- PC release is "negotiable."
- 1-4 players
- Sacrifice ritual allows you to enter other people's games
- Bosses can "heat up," changing their form
- Swordfighting arts add special moves that can be equipped and changed

So you don't have to watch the video - could all still be fake -


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More info - seems the PC version being negotiable is more likely in relation to the release date as opposed to the version existing or not (source claims there is a PC version)

From gematsu via Neogaf

The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. PC is also listed, but is accompanied by the word negotiable.

The game will support 1-4 players, meaning its possible you can summon more than one friend or there might be a player-versus-player element.

10 playable classes, all available from the beginning of the game.

45 new enemies, 15 new bosses. Characters and monsters from previous games are not included in that count.

100 new weapons and 40 new armor sets with returning equipment not counted in that number.

60 minutes of cutscenes, mostly in engine, rather than pre-rendered.

There will be around 12 areas in the game.

Will change the way you interact with players online. Youll now participate in Sacrifice Ceremonies. You can drag bodies around, choose where to sacrifice them, perform the ritual, and visit another players game. Doing this makes you a target for other players. These will also change your game, such as a sacrifice creating a bonfire at the location you choose to sacrifice the body.

Light sources and enemy layouts have been changed.

BOss battles have a new Heat Up factor that completely change boss battles based on undescribed factors.

The game will add Sword Fighting Arts, which including Rush In and Circle. The former is a sacrifice attack that allows you to dive into an opponent and take damage while delivering a huge hit, while the latter sounds like a dodge move.

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Just me or does that translation - 'enemy layouts have been changed' etc. - make it sound more like a remake of something?

Though a current gen remake of DaS1 is possibly even more exciting anyway so it's all good.

(Edit: not just me!)

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Omg I want to believe but .... something feels off with some of the info and the way some of those assets sync together in those screenshots. The one with the HUD and Ps button prompt looks very suspect. Please be real

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Surely if it's coming out on Xbone it can't be a DeS remake? And unless they've added massive new areas it's definitely not DaS.

I assume the new in comparison to old stuff is like how the Uchigatana is in DeS and DaS and the Elite Knight and Knight Armours are in DSII. Items that carry over between games because they're still present in the world.

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The info sounds hella fake, I can't imagine anything less consistent with the feel of a Souls game than boasting about the number of armour sets or the number of starting classes. Plus, creating your own bonfires? I doubt it, somehow.

The screenshots look way too good to be made-up, though - fakers normally go the route of a wonkily-angled shot of the title screen or a loading screen, rather than actual screenshots of the game. Some of those shots look very similar to Bloodborne.

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I'm really sceptical on this leak. Could the leak actually be Bloodborne DLC but with someone making up some facts to make it fit? Its not out of the realms of possibility that the DLC is a separate character and story.

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I went to sleep, Dark Souls 3 was happening.

I woke up, it's not.

Fuckin' rllmuk man. 24/7 rollercoaster shit.

You should see the Valve thread for the real third game related roller coaster. Those guys are picked up and then dropped, and crushed, on at least a monthly basis.

We have a ways to go in here yet.

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If those shots are fake, they're the best faked screenshots I have ever seen. I guess it is possible that this is a Souls styled BB DLC, which I would be fine with. Maybe even something set in Yharnham long before BB or even the Pthunerians. Maybe even something solidly linking BB to Demon's Souls, like a half way point between the two series.

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