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Got My First Nes Game!


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Probably not a big deal for a lot of you, but im playing soccer on my GBA and the novelty value aint worn off yet!

I want More, More More!

Any way, apart from that, the wishing well is telling me there isnt enough tree's in certain areas, but when i plant tree's there, he still complains, anyone got any ideas as what to do?



ps, who would have thought, when nook closes his sohp it wrecks your routine.

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The trees can't be touching each other though, so if you can't walk around the tree properly, it's no good to you. And neither are trees planted on the edge of an acre. You have to be able to walk around them without the screen adjusting to move acres, if you get what I mean.

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The Pitfall isn't a game. Try burying it in the ground and encouraging an unsuspecting animal to walk over the resultant crack.

With the NES games just put them in your house somewhere, stand in front and press 'A'. You then get the option to play.

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