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E3 2015 EA Conference Thread: June 15th 9:00 PM BST



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It's fair to say that I really wasn't fond of EA's 2014 conference. Don't get me wrong, I think it was bold of them to try something different, but given the already remake and CGI heavy nature of many of the game reveals last year, watching EA wheel out tech demos and wire frame models for games which were years out, did nothing to calm the nerves of gamers who had just invested in a brand new console.

So how will EA handle things this year? Well I doubt they'll be going down the same path, so hopefully many of the aspirational products we saw last year, will be re-shown this year in a more playable state.

Their banner game will almost certainly be Star Wars Battlefront. After a series of disappointing announcements surrounding the game (low player count, no single player campaign) EA will be keen to drum up excitement for this hugely important Christmas release. Expect nothing less than the announcement of a public beta and bonus content for whichever of the console manufacturers opened their purse strings the widest.

To appease those of us who were disappointed about the multiplayer only content of Battlefront, I would imagine time will also be given to Visceral's campaign based title, Rogue One. It's not even unthinkable that ex Naughty Dog developer, Amy Henning, will make an appearance on stage to talk about her own involvement with the game and what we can expect from the finished product.

So with Star Wars covered and after you're back from putting the kettle on whilst EA witter on about their 2016 sports lineup, what more can we expect? Well the recently unveiled and always online Need For Speed Underground reboot is bound to get a good amount of conference time, with an on stage demo being very probable.

Away from the big announcements and I'm sure EA won't miss a chance to talk about Battlefield: Hardline's forthcoming DLC packs. I'd also be shocked if they skipped the remaster train altogether, and indeed, leaked trophy data suggests that we may very well see a Crysis Trilogy release for current gen consoles.

After this, things could kick up a gear as we get a new look at how last year's concepts and tech demos are progressing. Criterion's multi vehicle racer could definitely turn out to be something special, and after three straight E3 appearances, it would be nice if this year, Mirror's Edge 2 was given a full gameplay reveal, ideally with a confirmed release date attached.

With all that shown, we're left with two potential show stoppers for EA to drop the curtain on. We could see a full reveal of Mass Effect 4, with the first plot and gameplay details being talked about. The other title they've kept their powder dry on, is Titanfall 2. We know it's coming, we know it's multiplatform and we know it's going to have a dedicated single player campaign. Is it too early to get a look at this one, and is a Titanfall re-release for PS4 a possibility?

So there you have it, whilst it would be unwise to expect anything to take us completely by surprise, EA have a remarkably strong set of franchises and teams to talk about, and when taken together with the potential reveals of other industry players, you can see that 2015/16 is where the current gen truly starts to hit it's stride.

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I believe Respawn said TF2 won't be there. But maybe a quick announcement trailer.

ME2 is the big one here for me. GAF had some rumours on this and unlike what many people fear, they are not focusing on gunplay at all. On the contrary apparently. We'll see soon enough. It's far along apparently, and playable as well.

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Give me your hilariterrible sounding Star Trek: Voyager rip off, EA. I want to fly around uncharted space thousands of light years from home with a polite krogan, an Ardat-Yakshi and an insufferably chipper batarian, dooming entire worlds every time we discover they lack the means to produce the most vital resource in the galaxy: coffee.

Give it to me now.

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EA's conference is always the most boring of the big 5

Yup. It's always reliably competent but boring.

I am liking that their pre-show stream has music rather that awkward banter from crap presenters, though!

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