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E3 2015 EA Conference Thread: June 15th 9:00 PM BST



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I'd like to see some actual gameplay, that looked too good.

"In engine"

What a load of shit. Anyone thinking the game will look like that is a Muppet.

To be fair...

Has anyone else spotted that the video shows the player moving and looking towards the red pipe on the left before even having completed the vertical part of the climb before?

Just yet more REAL GAME FOOTAGE lies and bullshit from EA. Wake me when they make a real in-game video.

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And yeah, considering it's barely half a year away, it's somewhat concerning they're still showing scripted CG instead of all-out in-game footage.

That was in game, well the first person bits. They've already released videos showing in game stuff which looks just as amazing.

That's what they say, anyway.

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Twitch is done. Google's infrastructure is just too good at handling big events like this.

Ah you say that, but Youtube was pausing constantly throughout the entire Microsoft conference. They have their own problems too.

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