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E3 2015 Square Enix Conference Thread: June 16th 6:00 PM BST


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Conference Expectations:

Joining Bethesda, Ubisoft and EA, Square Enix has joined the throng of third party publishers, who believe they can stand on their own at this year's E3, a decision which would suggest they are getting ready to reveal their strongest lineup in years.

We already know that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is going to be showcased with a live game play demo, along with a reveal of the themes, plot and characters which will be driving the story. Similarly, Rise Of The Tomb Raider will assuredly be taking up a healthy chunk of conference time, although hopefully we won't just be getting a re-run of what will be shown on the Microsoft stage.

It also seems reasonable to expect a look at Kingdom Hearts 3 and of course, the long awaited Final Fantasy 15 and Star Ocean 5 are likely to feature heavily.

It's been a long time since we've had any sort of update on Triad Wars, the MMO spin off from their popular Sleeping Dogs game, and any news of a more traditional sequel to this open world bone breaker, would be warmly received.

With its release date drawing near, Avalanche games' highly anticipated Just Cause 3 will almost certainly be afforded an extended play through and if I were a betting man, I'd imagine some sort of beta or demo will be announced during the show.

I'm similarly convinced that they wouldn't be hosting their own conference if they didn't have a few surprises left to reveal, so I wouldn't be at all shocked if the aforementioned Sleeping Dogs sequel was announced, perhaps with a new Hitman game making a similarly welcome appearance.

Beyond that could we see a new IP? Anything's possible, but looking at the above, Square Enix certainly have plenty to crow about this gen and their conference could prove to be one of the unexpected highlights of E3.

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Most excited for Hitman, but I can't pick it. ;) Hitman has a new director and IO said they want to go back to the core Hitman experience. I really hope they live up to that.

Deus Ex will be cool of course. As for FF, they will show a new trailer, but the gameplay blow-out will be at Gamescom.

Hoping for this guy.



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Just this:

Siliconera has learnt that Square Enix are developing a Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4.

Square Enix are developing a Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4.

Square Enix are developing a Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4.

Square Enix are developing a Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4.

Square Enix are developing a Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4.


O to the M to the G...

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