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NERG 2015 June 20th & 21st

Big Phil

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Just under 2 weeks now to the North East Retro Gaming event.

£15 per day entry or £25 for the weekend. All machines free play!

Roughly the same as the previous years with a different mix of machines. About 100 video arcade, 40 pinball and 60 consoles/computers. Also, plenty of traders.

Same location, Gateshead Stadium.

More info at www.northeastretrogaming.com

Machine announcements via the social feeds: -

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/NorthEastRetroGamingLimited

Twitter - @NERGOfficial

Any questions, drop me a message.


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Anyone going along this year? I went to the first two and I feel like the addition of traders on top of the cabinets, pinball and the computer/console history section made the whole thing far too cramped for the limited space it takes place in.

Not to mention that I found the traders to be a bit disorganised, a lot of the tables were a mess (although the craft based ones were generally nicely taken care of) and the prices were more than a touch on the high side for me, for the stuff that actually was priced. Obviously there's nothing the organisers can do about that but it's hard not to notice when a large amount of the space is devoted to them. Maybe it's just that I'm still seething inside after seeing someone part with the best part of a tenner for a copy of Sonic 1 for the Megadrive.

On the other hand though, I really like Juno First.

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I'll insist on the traders stacking games uniformly and having them in alphabetical order :-)

On a serious note, like you say, I have no control over the traders and how they keep their stall or do their pricing. One thing I can say is though, there are twice the amount of game/console traders this year so prices should be more competitive as they compete for your business.

I agree on the space issue in the first row. I'll make adjustments this year.

I think Juno First is going to be there again this year :-)

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I think it's great some like this is happening for the third year in a row in the north east, I'm sick of travelling for events like this, good on you sir for pulling this off, I know many people going for the traders as much as the cabs.

Have you had any thoughts about doing some NERG merch ? Plain t shirts NERG logo would be nice...

I'm selling this year too for the first time.

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