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FTL10 - League Thread


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You have 12 perks points to assign, you can only choose a maximum of one perk from each section. You must assign your Perks by PMing me and post in the thread to let Wincho know you have submitted them, as you need to make your choices before you can finalize any deals. Perks will only be revealed where necessary, so if you're planning on using underhand tactics like injuring or disrupting players it will only be me and you who know about it! Unless you want to shout about it if you pull off a great scheme but thats upto you. :)

Injury Prevention

A magic sponge can be used to return a player to full fitness - A magic sponge can be used anytime during the season. Invincible would mean one nominated player from your squad can never be injured - to mark a player as invincible you must do so before the transfer window closes. If you sell an invincible player they are no longer invincible.

  • 1 additional Magic Sponge - 3 Perk Points
  • 2 additional Magic Sponges - 5 Perk Points
  • Invincible! - 5 Perk Points
Filthy Tappers.

if you are finding a manager is reluctant to sell you a player you really want, you can Tap a player up. The cost is an additional 20% ontop of their value. The Tapping window opens when the NON FTL Transfer window opens.

  • 1 Tap - 2 Perk Points
  • 2 Tap - 4 Perk Points
  • 3 Tap - 5 Perk Points
Plugging the Leak.

Protect your players from any would be Tappers. New signings do not need to be protected as a player can only move once during the window. If a player is successfully blocked you will recieve 20% of the player basecost in fine fees from the would be Tapper! (You must choose the players when choosing Perk.)

  • 2 Tap Blocker - 1 Perk Point
  • 4 Tap Blocker - 2 Perk Points
  • 6 Tap Blocker - 3 Perk Points
  • Tap Block Whole Team - 5 Perk Points
Extra Wages Please!

Increase your starting wage funds by the percentages below.

  • Additional 5% wages. - 1 Perk Point
  • Additional 10% wages. - 2 Perk Points
  • Additional 15% wages. - 3 Perk Points
  • Additional 20% wages. - 4 Perk Points
  • Additional 25% wages. - 5 Perk Points
Extra Funds Please!

Increase your starting transfer funds by the percentages below.

  • Additional 5% funds. - 1 Perk Point
  • Additional 10% funds. - 2 Perk Points
  • Additional 15% funds. - 3 Perk Points
  • Additional 20% funds. - 4 Perk Points
  • Additional 25% funds. - 5 Perk Points
Going Abroad.

Add an additional Non FTL on top of your current amount.

  • 1 Additional Non FTL - 3 Perk Points
  • 2 Additional Non FTL - 6 Perk Points
  • 3 Additional Non FTL - 9 Perk Points
Player Power!

Cause a rift between a player and his team with underhand tactics to the point where he will refuse to pull on that teams shirt for the rest of the season.

  • Distrupt a random player from a club of your choosing. - 2 Perk Points
  • Choose a particular player to disrupt - 5 Perk Points (You must choose the player when choosing Perk.)
Master Tactician.

Use of custom formations is a forbidden art, but perks can unlock doors!

  • Allowed to use custom formations - 5 Perk Points
Chairmans Fees.

A chairman takes a 10% slice of every player sold! Make him go away and keep the big money from those big sales to re-invest in your squad.

  • Reduce to 5% - 2 Perk Points
  • Reduce to 0% - 3 Perk Points
Scouting into the Loan Market.

Send a scout out into the Loan market, and see what he can bring you back. Loan deals are fully paid for by the parent club.

  • Bring in a randomized NON FTL player - 2 Perk Points
  • Bring in 2 randomized NON FTL player - 3 Perk Points

Football is a filthy game, its about time you started playing it that way. (Can be sponged away)

  • Injure a random player from a club of your choosing for half the season. - 1 Perk Points
  • Injure a specific player for half the season - 3 Perk Points (You must choose the player when choosing Perk.)
Quick Sale

Sell one of your players for base value to a NON FTL Club. (You must choose the player when choosing Perk.)

  • Sell a player to a NON FTL Club - 3 Perk Points
  • Sell 2 Players to a NON FTL Club - 5 Perk Points

NON FTL Window opens tomorrow night at 9PM

Season Timings

09/06/15 to 12/06/15 - Opening Window.

13/06/15 to 05/07/15 - First Half of Season.

06/07/15 to 10/07/15 - Mid Season Window / FIFA Scum.

11/07/15 to 02/08/15 - Second Half of Season.

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I have spotted a couple of players missing from peoples team sheets...

G Acosta from Monterrey

V Fayzulin from Zenit

If anyone spots anymore can you please let me know and Ill add them tomorrow.

Not no players below 55 where added to the spreadsheet so I dont need those! Also... dont use them best just remove them from your teams entirely :P

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Nah, I do still need a keeper if it works, just not a priority. How much is Douchez + wages? My crappy computer can't open the spreadsheet.

Kimpembe is 58 rated, I've gone down in the world but not that far.

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