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Horizon Zero Dawn


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I loved this game when I first played it but the 60fps patch has confirmed it as one of my absolute favourites from the past few years.


There’s a lot of excellent writing and game design in here that I think some people missed because of the Ubisofty front end. 

The machines, for example are just brilliant - they look incredible, they’re all totally distinct and they work in every single environment the game puts them in. And regarding environments - Horizon has terrific diversity and cohesion of settings in what is a very pleasingly compact open world. 

I’ve also been struck this time round by all the ‘modern’ stuff with the various tribes and so on - yes it’s not up to the standard of the past story (for content or acting) but I have to give Guerrilla props for creating a wholly original and again, cohesive world and history. How many games of this scale have done that in recent times? Almost all the Ubisoft open worlders are based on the real world, BOTW had the existing Zelda IP to build on, Witcher was based on a book series, Spiderman is well, Spiderman. 

There’s also a lot more Death Stranding in this than just the same game engine. You’re not meant to fight every machine you meet, you have to find routes around them and stealth past them in a way that has much more in common with navigating the BTs in Death Stranding than getting round the place in other open world games, which is often largely risk-free.

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Definitely agree with the last point. That first time you see the thunderjaw fighting the Nora in the middle of the valley I was fucking terrified, I stayed well out of sight and watched the scrap from the top of the mountain. 


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