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Xbox One backwards compatibility - sales until the heat death of the universe

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I had the same problem with Fable 3 and I realized that I got the digital copy from the american store when it was free (I think this was a mistake made by MS at the E3 where they announced backwards compatibility).


I switched my consoles region to USA and suddenly the game was there for me waiting to install.  I kicked of the download then switched my region back to the UK and it's been fine ever since.

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Can you purchase 360 games by using xbox credit nowadays?


nope. I want daytona. I've have £31 in credit. THE WEBSITE wants to charge my CC.


fucking amateurs!

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via the website, rather than say the store on the console
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I think you have to buy through the 360 if you don't have a credit card/paypal on your account, even if the item is free or you've got enough credit on your account to cover it.


I heard that if you use one of those pre-paid debit cards then that's a way round it, but I never got round to trying.



I've have £31 in credit. THE WEBSITE wants to charge my CC.

Oh wait, that completely contradicts what I just said.  Bollocks.

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You can only use credit to buy 360 titles direct through the 360 itself. Not the site or XB1


Does it allow you to use the credit on your xbox one account or does it regard the credit used on the 360 as separate?


Stupid question, but then Microsoft's systems are a bit weird.

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1 minute ago, Kevvy Metal said:

I have Daytona installed on my Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox One. 



saturn, DC, PS3... soon 360 and xbox one.


I don't even LIKE daytona... :facepalm:

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