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The Terry Pratchett Thread


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I like the death series but to be honest I don't think I could read Mort again.

:angry: You wash out your filthy mouth! Mort remains the first truly great Discworld novel, and though not quite my favourite is definitely up there with the best.

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I like Masquerade,it's a solid story and a nice dunnit. I don't think it's much of a challenge for Granny in it, nor many moments of great insight.

Lords and Ladies it one of my favourite Witches book. The end sequence with Margat in the Castle, Nanny with Casununda and Granny and the Queen is really great.

It has some lovely bits to it like when Magrat and the Queen

are fighting and it has the line "the ablation of Magrat Garlick continued,tearing at the strata of her existence, exposing her core..." always kinda brings a lump to my throat, it says so much about the character.


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I picked up my old copy of "Feet of Clay" the other day and the biog read " Terry Pratchett was born in 1954 (might not be this date) and is still not dead" which made me sad.

But then I started reading it and it properly made me laugh.

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I love Masquerade, read it about 3 times. Its just throw away and fun, always love it when they turn the cat into a human.

One of the jokes I didn't get on the first read was the phantoms real identity

was based on Frank Spencer

I'm am 100% certain that are still several things like this for me to discover despite me having read all of them multiple times.

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The new book is available from Amazon now. Also the first few in the Tiffany series are pretty cheap for the Kindle.

Managed to get the first one stamped last night, then followed by a mad dash across the city on tubes to make it back before they stopped, nothing like leaving it to the last minute to leave and then catching the last ride home :P

The evening was great, a lot of people dressd up, from Esme Weatherwax, Two Flower, Rincewind, The Librarian, Susan Stowhellit and many, many others.

They really did a number on the decor and even laid on some food, including Dwarf Bread and the occasional Sausage in a bun.

Were a lot of tears all round :(


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The new book is available from Amazon now. Also the first few in the Tiffany series are pretty cheap for the Kindle.

Excellent, thanks for the tip. For some reason I've not read any of the series, actually I've not read the last couple of Discworld novels either (I wasn't a fan of Unseen Academicals) so I've downloaded the first four for around a tenner to take on holiday next week. I'll be slightly sad I guess that I'm slowly getting to the end of it all though.

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Finished it last night. It's good, but probably the weakest of the Tiffany Aching books. There's a note at the end that says although Terry had finished the book before he died, if he was still alive he'd probably have wanted to keep working on it, and thinking back I reckon that's the case. Some bits seem rushed, or not properly fleshed out, and the threat doesn't really feel like a threat.

Still recommended though.

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I thought it was utterly awful. (Bar maybe the first third of the book)

I honestly struggled to finish it.

Magrat shooting fire from her fingers!


oh come now, that's a bit harsh.

Yes, the bit you put in spoiler tags was possibly out of character for the witches, and it did seem to be not as fleshed out as others in the series, but it was a decent read, certainly better than not having a final book at all, the first 7 or 8 chapters were very difficult to put down but it did falter towards the end.

Personally I quite enjoyed it, the Yound Adult books in the series have never been as good as the main ones, but they are all entertaining in their own way and seeing one of the footnotes mention we missed out on a potential Muarice as a ship's Cat was a little sad.

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it was clear that things got a lot less fleshed it towards the end - it was all very compressed. I liked it much more than I Shall Wear Midnight which I thought was way too close to the the themes in a Hatful of Sky. And it provided a decent end.

Plus any book with

"It’s all aboot usin’ yon claymore to best offence. And if ye dinnae get that right, your last resort is to nut ’em.’"

Is a winner.

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