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Top Gear - Series 24

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That bit where they were driving against “traffic” looked horrendously dangerous. They weren’t even wearing five point harnesses.


It probably looked more reckless than it was - the drone cars were all on one side of  the road, and going really slowly - but man, it could easily have gone wrong. 

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why do I recognise the number plate








apparently all the AMs on the show have the same plate?



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The last challenge where they drove round a quarry was a bit dull, but that was otherwise brilliant. If Paddy's heart rate really was 169, then he's not far off the maximum heart rate for his age.

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2 minutes ago, davidcotton said:

Any idea how the ratings are doing since the switch to bbc 1?

episode 1 on bbc1was 3.1mil where their first series on bbc2 was 3.4 million, consolidated.


family fortunes on itv was 3.5mil, for comparison 

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I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet but this series has largely been shite. They’re still great at doing historical bits/tributes like the Stirling Moss feature and Chris Harris with actual knowledge is great. Flintoff and Mcguiness however blatantly don’t know much about cars and it suffers as a result. 

There’s a lot more that’s faked than ever before now as well. Obviously Chris Harris has racing experience but suddenly Flintoff and Mcguiness can keep up with and even beat him? Plus you can see the camera work

being used to hide the driver during these sequences.

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