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This holiday season's essential games


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Around this time of year I start to meticulously plan my gaming time for the September - December glut. Being a parent, I need to carefully choose which games will make the cut, and which time-window they'll fit into.

So far, I've got MGSV on Sepember 1 and Hitman on Dec 8 as 100% shoe-ins. There is a space in Oct/Nov which is up for grabs, plus a couple of Christmas Day games for stuff that I manage to resist getting on day 1.

I'm considering Mad Max, but it's an unknown quantity and its Sep 1 release date (same date as MGS) nixes the idea of it being a day-onner. Just Cause 3 looks tasty, but it looks like it's the week before Hitman which may count it out until Xmas Day at least.

Then there the the big MS franchises, but to be honest the Halo 5 single-player footage bored me (I've never managed to resist buying a Halo game on release day, however), and I really need to stop buying Forza games and not playing them properly. Don't care about Gears.

So, what are the other biggies that are out this year?

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Transformers Devastation

Rise of the Tomb Raider


Fable Legends

Uncharted collection

Rare Replay

Fallout 4

Star Wars Battlefront

Need for Speed

Megaman Legacy collection

Mighty no 9

Probably a few more I'm forgetting

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Sep 1st - MGSV

Sep 4th - Mad Max

Nov 10th - Fallout 4

Nov 20th - Battlefront

Dec 1 - Just Cause 3

That's what I'm probably getting and it's ignoring loads. Don't know how people can complain at Sony for not having first party with things as rammed as they are this year.

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MGS5, Hitman and Fallout 4 are the three day-one purchases for me.

Also interested in Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, Tearaway Unfolded and Dishonored Remastered.

Can kind of take or leave the other releases really. I'd have gotten Tomb Raider if I had a Bone.

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If the talk of an NA release in 2015 remains true, and if there aren't any issues with DLC, then I'll continue believing that Persona 5 will come out in the west before the year's over, and get my import on. :P

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Most interested in

Rare Replay collection

Metal Gear (but may not like it)

Fallout 4

Fable Legends

Sword Coast Legends

Pillars of Eternity expansion

Console releases for Divinity Original Sin and Wasteland 2

Adventure Y (Baldurs Gate expansion)

I'm sure I'll also end up with Tomb Raider for light relief and Forza, because, well, Forza.

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Is Galak-Z confirmed for this year!? Cannot wait for that game.

The following are games I HAVE TO pick up as soon as they are available

Fallout 4

Disgaea 5!!!

Super Meat Boy

Divinity Original Sin

and other contenders depending on their quality

Lego Marvel Avengers

Megaman Collection

I'll probably not be able to resist picking up Uncharted 4 and MGS5 too but could leave picking them up until next year.

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