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Rampage - Game adaptation starring Dwayne Johnson (lol)


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Yeah bit weird isn't it? Rampage was popular at the time but it was kind of forgotten throughout the 90's and 00's. Even something like Frogger is a bigger culture hit. What next eh? A movie about Atik Atac?

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Oof, this was pretty rough.  It was a goofy B-movie that took itself way too seriously, neatly sidestepping any daft fun factor you might wringfrom it. It was just dead serious until the fairly lame jokes dropped.


Everyone bar Dwayne was miscast (I mean, what the hell was Naomie Harris doing in this?) and it was actually a bit grim. Which is odd, as Brad Peyton managed to get the tone right in San Andreas (which was much more of a laugh). On the plus side, the effects were very good, but if you watched the trailer, you've seen all the best bits. 


@Spainkiller: no chance, still not a patch on...






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On 23/04/2018 at 18:10, Clipper said:

the rock is a generic action bloke.


What the hell?!


The rock is the biggest star working in Hollywood today. The guy sweats natural charisma and crossover appeal. 


He's this generation's Arnie.

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Watched this on the weekend. I went in with low expectations and i actually thought it was a fun enough film.


I do think it having the rock in it helped a lot. He just seems like an all round decent guy - totally agree with him being this generations Arnie - Arnie even passed the torch over to him in Welcome to the Jungle!


Anyway, for an adaption of a aging videogame i think they did it well. Sure, apart from the 3 monsters and the smashing up of buildings there isn't much to do with the original game but i thought it was a fun enough film.


My only gripes were


why were the monsters all such different sizes? they seemed to change throughout the film, especially George (the ape). Also surely hundreds of people died in the last act..  just seemed a bit too cheery to finish how it did!

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Don't think it's enough for a separate thread in the games section but..

There's an arcade game for this, and it's a 2.5D homage to the original..

Doesn't have the charm of the original, but it's better than the usual lightgun shooter ones you always seem to end up with.. 



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