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FIFAscum - End of Day 4 - FIFAscum WIN


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No-one knew anything about anyone at that point. FIFA got rid of me because they wanted me out of the game regardless of my role, as Manic said.

It's easy being Captain Hindsight.

If you'd known I was dodgy you would have posted why and it would have been your one positive contribution to the game. (Edit - this is harsh, FTL had no chance of winning after night 1). You deleted it because you realised it was baseless. At that stage in the game everyone is guessing. You're firing shots through a closed door into a room full of people. The only people you want rid of that early are the silent ones.

No Timmo, I decided you were dodgy without any information, you were always on my Fifa list, at that point though the majority were sticking to the 'let's vote out the ones without any contribution' tip, so decided to follow Sith, it confused matters though when Sith visited you on that first night but nothing happened, that's when my thinking turned to Sith being the Fifa recruiter and him targeting you as Platini thinking he'd visited you and you weren't Platini, so I turned attention to Sith, and followed him the next night, but he visited you again, that just confused me even more, then I thought i'd seen a clear pattern in your posts to convince others you were Fifa, but then backtracked.

Now I'm sure that's plain enough for you to follow, try not to give off such a dodgy vibe next time.

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Ah right, so it wasn't deliberate sabotage from you, it was just pure stupidity. Glad we cleared that up.

aww come on mardigan don't cry. You got voted out its ok it happens to the best of us wee man. Are u ok? Do u need a cuddle? Graham can u give mardigan a big cuddle in work 2moro. All u have to do next time we play this is try a little harder.
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Has anyone played a scum game where the killer has won? I was relishing it, I would have been so excited if I'd taken out Sepp on night 1.

I managed to win a huge, sprawling Lost-themed game as the serial killer back when there were regular games on here. I wont lie to you; it comfortably beats out the birth of my son as my proudest moment.

Had no idea you guys were playing these. Would love to get involved with the next one.

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