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I'm quite interested in running VOG & CE on normal and especially hard mode at least once a week but, because of the dwindling player base and tending to run as a fireteam of three most of the time, it's hard to get the personal together.

Anybody interested in throwing your gamertag into a pool of people it would be okay to invite into a raid attempt? Of course we can try and organise raids on here first. New Guardians welcome!


The Kwakpriest





Andy Why











Hey Ernie

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I'm a VoG virgin! I just got DB and HOW last night. Me and a friend will be wanting to start raiding soon. GT: T0NY DANGER (0 is a Zero). If you're inviting me most of the time there will be myself and my friend wanting to join.

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Godzooki saved the session with his secret ways and expert guidance last night, so many thanks to him. Hopefully we'll be able to continue tonight.

That was the first time I've defeated the Templar on hard and I got a Fatebringer - score!

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