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21 minutes ago, bobin said:

I want more Labo. I don’t know what is left to replicate with cardboard but I’m willing to buy it. Maybe more VR stuff with a strap on helmet and twin joy sticks and a new version of Star Fox. 

Shhh, haven't you heard? Nintendo should stop being so lazy making innovative stuff like this and crack on with making F-Zero. 

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What we’ll get:


Two more Smash characters

Animal Crossing

A “please understand” about Metroid and/or BOTW2

Some DLC, probably for HYRULE WARRIORS

Capcom Arcade


Thats it.

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1 hour ago, mdn2 said:

So what would be everyone's being 'out-of-leftfield' choice for the Direct? We've had Nintendo helping out with sequels to Bayonetta, Ultimate Alliance 3 and Deadly Premonition (although they probably shouldn't have bothered with DP2) so what, long forgotten game would you like to see them help get made next?


I'd actually like them to revisit their own catalogue for inspiration and release a new game in the style of (secret best Nintendo platformer) Wario Land. For some reason, I have a very strong visualisation of exactly such a game in my head, specifically with a claymation style. It just feels right to me - I can see Wario shoulder-barging his way into things with a satisfying, solid-but-squashy impact.


In terms of producing a sequel to another studio's series, and ignoring a Skies of Arcadia follow-up as you already suggested it (and skipping Phantasy Star and Shining Force, because as much as every classic Sega JRPG needs sequels, I somehow don't feel like they'd feel 'right' as Nintendo produced titles), I'd love to see them produce a Burning Rangers sequel. Or, hell, just their own spin on its principle concept: a procedurally-generated rescue-em-up where you gradually accrue contacts and rewards from the people you save. With a Jpop theme tune.

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42 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

I bought cans to do me for watching football tomorrow night, but by the time I got home from the shops they’d announced this Direct. Tomorrow’s cans will be needing replaced, put it that way.


that's a good idea

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9 minutes ago, Sarlaccfood said:

I think you’re all off your rocker. 

It’s like going to a toy shop with kids in the back seat: “Quiet down! You can have one of the things you’re asking for”


It's Nintendo, we're not getting ANY of the things we're asking for though :(

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