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On 26/05/2021 at 11:20, Death Adder said:

Really looking forward to Lode Runner.


Recent arrivals.


a new Akibastrip? 


Loved the first one but it was awkward explaining to my wife how I knew Akihabara so well when we visited.  

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the new Switch rumours have thrown the expectations into disarray. everyone kinda thought BOTW2 would be next year but if it's true we're getting a new Switch this year, new Zelda is expected to launch with it.


so yeah, who knows. apparently WWHD and TPHD for the Switch do exist in some form but no one knows anything for sure. Best wait to see what happens next week re: new Switch announcements.

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My predictions:


-Release dates for Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD

-Metroid Prime Trilogy and new 2D Metroid shown

-Splatoon 3 update

-Madworld HD for some godforsaken reason

-Bayonetta 3 trailer

-Anime game from Namco

-FIFA 22 announced. Not a legacy edition this year

-More Fire Emblem, no Advance Wars

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1 hour ago, mdn2 said:

It'll be announced before E3 so they can show how the games look on the shiny new hardware is my guess. 

Ah yes, the one on the 27th May.

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I don’t think there will be a Direct for the new Switch, given Nintendo’s track record there will be a dry press release at 9 AM local time, and we’ll wake up and start waiting for shifty looking placeholder pre-order pages.

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I’m predicting disappointment. The last good direct was the one when they told you that a yoshi’s crafted world demo, captain toad dlc and another demo that mech one that I went on about for ages but not can’t remember the name of, dropped straight after the show.

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