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26 minutes ago, Mr Cochese said:

They should probably add an order button somewhere on the page.


There was up until today. They were hedging their bets that they had the right price (seemingly based on Game having it marked as £199.99 at one point before removing it) but it seems they've chickened out on it. I've already pre-ordered it from them.

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34 minutes ago, KriessG said:

The rumour of two SKUs at £200 and £250 has been around for ages.


It has and was originally rumoured by Laura Kate Dale. However, the Metro article today only states one price and it's closer to the higher price of those two. She's asked them on Twitter today if they got that price from Nintendo, but they haven't responded.


They had previously reported the two SKUs in November naming her as the source.

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2 hours ago, mushashi said:

LOL, I just found it interesting you went with the glass is almost full angle when countering the N64 is a failure statement, ignoring the fact you believe in the 1 pillar meme of combining the 3DS and Wii U into one system resulting in better sales for the home console side, but then only expect it to sell worse than the last portable system has done on its own, don't you see the problem with your 'optimistic' outlook on how well the Switch will do? Why not aim for 107 Million instead? as basic maths would dictate that 60+14=30 to 40 doesn't sound like a good deal for Nintendo, it would just mean the portable side is on exactly the same path as the home consoles have been since the first time Nintendo had to put up with some actual viable competent competition.

Where did I say I believed in the "1 pillar meme"? Any why is 3-40 million units a glass half-full angle - I think it's pretty realistic, and that's my point - I'm not doom-mongering or expecting it to be the next big thing. And either way, we currently have just one new system coming from Nintendo - and it's both a home and portable system. I'm not stupid enough to think that means 'instant combined 100% win of both audiences' - which is why I think a 30-40 million shift in Switch units would be OK. That would be a big plus for them in the home space, and very few publishers would willfully ignore a system with that kind of userbase - which, again, would be a big upwards move for them.


My argument holds water - the Switch is portable, Nintendo are strong in that market, so I think they'll see a better return on Switch than they did with Wii U. I think 30-40 million would be a realistic, better return. Your argument is that their dedicated portables have always sold more, so this hybrid should hover up that entire market - it's clearly set out to put Nintendo in a position where you'll always be able to call them out for failing in one way or another. I mean you're virtually saying that unless they hit PS2/Wii/PS4 levels it's an absolute failure.

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26 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

My wifes birthday is on March 25th and Mothers day is 26th - do I get her her own Switch or just a family one, don't want to seem like her birthday is just an excuse for buying one after all?


Get two?

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