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12 minutes ago, JPickford said:


No.  The Wii U is ace.  Virtual Boy was a pain in the neck.


You were just using the stand wrong.


The Virtual Boy was a pain in the head.


5 minutes ago, NEG said:

Had one of the best Wario Land games, though. :(


I never got around to playing it.  Is it really seriously worth playing?

My VB has probably had less than 2 hours play time, ever..

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Ok I finally put my 20 quid down at the local GAME.

I know that GAME is GAME but.. the local staff are nice and it is more fun to go and pick the console than looking through the window every 40 seconds.


I expect this console to be my most used one ever. And not even because I like Nintendo games.

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14 minutes ago, Bojangle said:

Emily Rogers saying 16 new tracks and 8 new characters for SUPER Mario Kart 8.

7 HOURS AND 36 MINUTES! :omg: 


Will the 2 DLC packs from the original game be included on top of that? You'd think so..


Are we sure it's not just the 16 tracks and 6 characters from the original Mario Kart 8 DLCs with just 2 new characters added?

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30 minutes ago, Bojangle said:

Emily Rogers is calling them brand new tracks. Not long until we know for certain! :omg: I believe all the rumours have said it will include all Wii U + DLC content.


That alone would've been good enough for me.. but 16 brand new tracks on top of it? That's brilliant. 


They might as well call it Super Smash Kart at this point (Or Super Mario Smash Kart), because they're already added Link and Animal Crossing.  I imagine the new tracks and characters would be other nintendo IPs like F-Zero or Star Fox.  And a new kart addition would be vehicles that always hover and have no wheels, as opposed to just when upside down.

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I'm not sure about the two held items change the previous week glimpse of Mario Kart on switch had. First place has enough of an advantage without the possibility of trailing items one after another to negate attacks. It's boring for the person in first and frustrating for those caught in the mid-pack carnage which would also likely worse still as folk fire items off.


I'd like multiplayer options to be as customisable as Smash Bros. And mid-race voice chat with friends at least.


Mario Kart 8 is one of the very best games.

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