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1 hour ago, Mike S said:


The game will still be £50.


You could always use those extra joy-cons for other games in the future.


More importantly, where the piss is Thumper?!

Yeah I know, I'm looking for reasons not to spend more money though. I just know I'm going to end up with about eight pairs of Joycon.

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At the very least. Anyway, I'm in no need of another Pro controller. Those yellow Joycon though, and if they release orange ones, I'll buy those too. If they start doing multi coloured Switchs I'm totally fucked.

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ARMS is confirmed to be 1080p 60fps in single player and 900p 60fps in split screen two player and 900p 30fps in four player splitscreen (using the mario kart method). Very likely uses a modification of the same engine as mario kart. Superb stuff.


God the music is great.

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45 minutes ago, *chin* said:

So Thumper then, I've watched some videos and still don't understand what the hell the game is. Anyone want to drop some info bombs about it?

It's awesome. One of my favourite games of the last 12 months. Make sure to stick some great headphones on..

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