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I can't handle the pressure/ability of an A team set-up :lol:


Relating to this, I've never been so hot and cold ability-wise with a game before as much I am with this. Some nights I literally feel I could do anything I want, aerials, wall shots, the works. And other nights I consistently miss simple aerials or drive straight past the ball inexplicably. It's crazy! But it's also what keeps me coming back for more. On 3s and Solo 3s I keep yoyo-ing between solid blue star and blue star elite, making absolutely zero progress. But I can't stop playing...

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I'm like that all the time Jamin I've been champion in 2s about 5 times now keep getting demoted and going back up again on different nights

It usually depends on how mackenie is playing tbf he was on form last night for most of the night and we scored a cracking goal together which I'm going to upload In a bit.

I always wonder how long I'm going to keep playing this.i must have been playing this now for a good year and a bit now and still love it if not more than when I first played it

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9 hours ago, Mammas_Boy said:

Anyone I can add on here that is around the challenger I - II level and likes 2v2? 


I'm obsessed with this game, borderline the unhealthy. 

If you can't find anyone on here .just play a few on your own eventually you will start teaming up with other people that you work well with 

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Btw I still play here and there but my ability appears to have leveled off / slightly dropped. I'm only Prospect Elite in Solo Standard now. So very happy to sit on the side-lines for the RLCS, and help out with training or whatever. Shall we try and get six of us on for some practice 3v3s at some point soon?

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I don't think mackenie is going to sign up so I think the best possible team would be me @superstarbeejay and @Bennette98 .when Benny is on form he can dribble past the best of us.

Sorry @John0 

If @mackenie signed up and we found someone else we could make another team, there's got to be someone 

Isn't there anyone from the fifa league that would play 

@BiGBaZ96 @Baring @gooner4life @tris3d @Jamin@Timmo anyone else?? We've got 11 days to complete the teams so there's still time. Be awesome if we had 6 of us all on mic and see how far we could get

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