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8 hours ago, Theholyhogg said:

Just checking everyone is still available for this Sunday for the rlcs 

@superstarbeejay @Bennette98 @mackenie @JDubYes @John0

Brackets should be sorted soon in next few days so we will know what time we are starting 

I also wanna get some training done before sunday but got tonsillitis atm so not be playing until at least Thursday 


Im a doubt I'm afraid. Got a night out planned in Birmingham and I'm spending the night at a friends so it depends when I get home.


depends what time it starts. If it's in the afternoon, like last time I should be all good!


heres hoping!

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Oh man, this game can be such a pain in the arse on PC.


After my previous lagging woes, the next patch fixed everything. And all was right with the world.


This new patch has seen me rubberbanding to buggery every night I've tried to play. Despite have a <20 ping.


Guess I'll need to wait until the next update again. Hooray!

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I should be fine for that still, and hopefully only slightly hungover.


I'm woefully out of practice though - barely played in the last couple of weeks, and when I have it's mainly been Doubles and not Standard...


Sorry in advance, basically.

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