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Played a few games with Wretcherd a couple weeks back and his movement in the air was insane. Could see the micro adjustments he was making when landing so that he always landed with maximum momentum to keep on going.


Meanwhile i'm still learning to half-flip :lol:


Have finally decided to bind air-roll right to my controller but I keep forgetting to use it in-game!

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Got into Champ 2 for the first time last night.




My ground game has definitely improved a lot recently but having played a few games in Champ 2 I can see that my aerial game needs a lot of work. Specifically my fast aerials and control of the car when jumping off the wall.


So many goals conceded yesterday where someone came in flying off the backboard above the goal and I was just sat watching like a lemon.

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Amazingly 2d side on mobile Rocket League isn't an instant delete off my phone.


They seem to have made some decent decisions on the control and game and it plays quite nicely, capturing the spirit of the game well.


No idea how invasive the IAPs or seasons or that bumfluffery is as only had a quick go, but the matches seem OK.

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It's ok. You still come across the occasional idiots who want to forfeit or throw after going 1-nil down, and there is more of a focus on demos these days which can seem aggressive. What little of the trading community I've interacted with are sound.

They've just added public voice chat which I turned straight off because i imagine it would only be awful.

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