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World Of Tanks Xbox One - Beta this weekend preload today


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Download link : https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Bundle/World-of-Tanks-Pre-Download-with-Bonus-Tank/22fce457-1675-4cc3-9355-380d51544afa

July 10: Pre-Download

-Pre-download WoT on Xbox One so you can get the installation out of the way and join the Beta test battle-ready when the servers go live!

July 11 - 12: Beta Weekend

-Enjoy early access to the WoT Xbox One battlefield before launch. Beta weekend begins the second Saturday of July and lasts 48 hours. Dont miss out!

July 28: Release of World of Tanks on Xbox One

-The long-awaited debut. Climb into your favorite metal monsters and enjoy the same great gameplay with stunning new graphics!

World of Tanks on Xbox One supports cross-platform play, so you can still battle with your Xbox 360 friends. Additionally, hard-earned vehicles, XP, Silver and Premium time on your existing Xbox Live account will be carried over.

Bonuses for participating:

With World of Tanks on the Xbox One right around the corner, we've got several special offers for players who take part in the upcoming Beta Weekend!

Participate in the Beta Weekend by logging in (to the Garage screen) to World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One between July 11, 02:00 PT and July 13, 02:00 PT and you'll receive a free M22 Locust Premium tank and Garage slot! Already have the M22 Locust? Then you'll receive 180,000 and a Garage slot!

If you play between 11:00 PT and 14:00 PT on either July 11 or July 12, you'll receive x2 for that three-hour period! Additionally, you'll receive an extra x2 Operation (Road to Victory) that you can activate after the Beta Weekend to enjoy x2 for an entire day!

But wait, there's more: Download the game prior to the release and you'll be rewarded at launch with the exclusive Premium T1E6-X1, along with its own Gar

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Is no-one else on Muk playing this? It's amazingly tactical and a blast (pun) with a couple of friends in a platoon. Been playing it nearly daily on the 360 since it was released, and a bit surprised that hardly anyone from this place is playing it. It can be a bit of a slow burner at times, but it's a game that requires steady playtime over a couple of years in order to get to the bigger tanks. Plus it's free, and the micro transactions are completely optional.

So what's keeping you all?! We need fresh meat! My loader is dead and my driver lost his face!

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Is it cross play between 360 and XBox One then? Would love to join you for a game sometime.

360 an XBOne players are mixed together in-game, yes...but it's still not possible to invite each other (hopefully that will get patched in soon).

There is a workaround for that, though:

  1. Get somebody to host on a 360
  2. Have all the XBOne users also log in on the 360 (if that's still hooked up to the telly, that is)
  3. Have the host invite everyone and accept it on the 360
  4. Once in the platoon on the 360, XBOne users can switch to their Bones (leave the 360 on though, and use its headset and controller as well for comms)
  5. Hey presto, XBOne users get put in the host's platoon automatically and play the game as normal

It's ok, but I'm fed up with doing it that way now. Only one friend still has a 360 version and we're pestering him to get a bone or play alone :twisted:

PS: use a charger cable as well for the 360 controller or it will go to sleep after 10mins of inactivity.

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