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Rocket League - Final tonight 10pm


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Timmo as sweeper keeper is pretty tough to break down. In the first game I had to give him a love tap to put him out of position for us to score.

I normally play that sort of role myself, largely because no-one defends in most matches with randoms. Was nice to be able to play further down the field and aiming to be on the scoresheet.

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Would have been great if I hadn't have choked massively in the first half of that game. Watching the video back is embarrassing. I cost us all 3 of the first goals. One back doesn't compensate. Sorry to pinseeker and John for my awful performance. For those that want to watch it, the full Vod is on my twitch account linked earlier.

It has recorded my audio which I wasn't expecting so expect lots of grunts and groans.

I don't think this was the cause of any of the goals, but one thing I saw in one of those Kronovi et al tips videos (I think) was that you want to be goalkeeping side-on, it makes it much easier to cover the goal.

I could never quite master it myself but I can see the logic behind it and I know I'd be a better player if I could manage it. Anyway, I just mention it because I noticed you were covering the goal a few times facing out towards the ball, so yeah, saving to the left and right would have been more difficult.

When's the other semi-final happening? We're so close to the end now!

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Can't remember the exact scores, but Team Tris/Rorchord/Petey beat us lot (me/sjvinnie/tcharliel) with a golden goal in the deciding 3rd match! I'm sure someone got the screens (off the top of my head the scores might have been 3-1, 0-2 and then 2-1 in the deciding 3rd match) - and I think Donut maybe even recorded the 3rd match? Twas pretty tight but the best team went through I think. :)

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How many spectators does this game allow anyway?

Ok searching a bit, I think you have a 8 player limit, so there will only be two spots free.

Best solution is one of these spots is filled by someone who can twitch the match?

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