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English Franchise League Season 2015/16


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:omg::omg::omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: 


Fully deserved on the day - really should have won that outright, but I'll take it.


Wasn't sure about the red myself. Don't think it was malicious, but then it was high, studs showing and he obviously gave Ramirez a horrible cut. Can see why it was given, and I know I'd have been pissed off if he'd only got a yellow, but equally can see why Brighton would feel aggrieved. Gaston was our best player I thought until then so it was a huge blow to lose him.


It's all history now though - we're going up! 


Best of luck to Brighton in the play-offs - they deserve to go up too.

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Would have been a travesty not to have got promoted given the exceptional performances and results over the last two seasons. The Premier League is stronger for having us in it, over the moon. 


All eyes on Sheff Wed now, want them to win the play offs.

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On 9/27/2015 at 3:43 PM, smithstock said:

Boro again, I honestly can't see who's going to beat us at the top this season. With QPR underperforming and Derby stuttering, we must be red hot favourites and we aren't even playing to full capacity.


At the moment we are the completely dominant team, best defence and best attack if you hadn't noticed.


On 12/14/2015 at 10:13 PM, smithstock said:

Top of the league and we still haven't hit top gear. If we get Bamford in January we'll absolutely walk the remainder of the league.


On 12/18/2015 at 4:01 PM, smithstock said:

This league is ours to lose now, we need to strengthen in January and start pulling away from the pack.


On 12/27/2015 at 7:53 PM, smithstock said:

Boro again, this is getting embarrassing.

[..] Suffice to say, we are top of the league along with the best defensive record.



On 1/1/2016 at 5:28 PM, smithstock said:

Still; clean sheets record broken, four points clear and a game in hand. This league is ours to lose.


On 1/11/2016 at 11:02 PM, smithstock said:


6 points clear after what was apparently a dire performance at Brentford and still we have a game in hand.

On 1/15/2016 at 8:19 PM, smithstock said:

Not all doom and gloom though, we are still clear at the top with a game in hand. Before today, we were 1 point better off than Leicester at this stage when they walked away with it in 2013/4.


On 1/21/2016 at 10:26 PM, smithstock said:

If we pull all that off, get the cigars out.


On 4/6/2016 at 8:31 AM, smithstock said:

As was said on the radio last night, I'd like to see us get promoted ASAP and win the title on the final day home to Brighton. 


Well @smithstock I wouldn't have done this had the result not gone for you today, but in the spirit of hashtag "thebantz"|



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Good result for Ipswich today, and good to see the young players given a chance when the playoffs were out of reach.

We have three lads playing with England under-17s, so the Academy is doing its job.


Already some movement on contracts - no offers to Varney, Toure or Pringle. Tabb released. Trying to sign Liam Feeney permanently.

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Horrible result for Huddersfield today and poor to see no young players given a chance with nothing to play for. We even played a right-footed centre-half at left-back when we've got an excellent academy prospect there. Very odd, especially since part of Wagner's thing is a focus on developing the youngsters.


We've been on the beach for the last two games and have accordingly got what we've deserved but at least it means we don't go into the summer under any illusions about what we'll need to push on a bit. For the most part the manager's done really well without really adding to a very patched up and disjointed squad so it'll be interesting to see how he does when he can mould a team of his own.

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Not to Burnley, no.


It was kind of understandable given the volatile situation at The Valley, where Charlton fans made a number of protests before, during and after the match against their owner.  Given the atmosphere, scheduling the trophy presentation for the final whistle was a risk, especially if the fans planned something for the final whistle.


Clarets will get the trophy on Monday.

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Congrats to Burnley and Boro fans, not many arguments here!


Today's poor result at pride park overshadowed by another horrible injury to my favourite player George Thorne whose leg was snapped. Really gutted, he's had horrific luck with injuries for all of his short career. :(

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I think the thing with the trophy was that it was only going to be presented to us if we won the title because we were playing at home. Brighton could have won the title too but the trophy wouldn't have been presented to them at the Riverside. I can understand Burnley's (and Brighton's if that scenario played out) frustration, but I do also understand how the league thought it would be nicer for whoever wins to have it presented in front of more of their fans than just the couple of thousand who were able to make it to the Valley or Riverside. I realise it takes some of the fun out of it though.


In all honesty I wouldn't have cared myself if the trophy was at the Valley and yet we somehow won the league. Promotion was all we cared about and I'd have taken second place ages ago - Smithstock must be the only optimistic Middlesbrough fan out there, 'cos the rest of us just assume we'll shit it all up at every opportunity.

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I'm with Barton, who later said present it in the dressing room - they won it, it is theirs.  Clarets fans wouldn't have minded it too much - we would still have the parade, Town Hall etc etc.  And Bournemouth got the trophy given to them last year, ironically enough at The Valley.


As for the Brighton thing, we could have had the even more farcical situation of Brighton winning the title and not getting the trophy despite the fact that it was in the building at the time.

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Well what a bloody weekend that was! My old man who lives in Brighton came up for the game, absolutely buzzing that we got to experience all of this together as he's really ill at the moment, he's back at work today in his Boro shirt so he won't be to popular. I had to seriously fight back tears when Ben Gibson was on the fans shoulders crying. Im very relieved that season is over now. Up the Boro.

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Same here Tom! Fuck me, it was absolutely nerve shredding, I was all over the place when watching it. The relief at that final whistle was unbelievable, real welling up moment, manly almost tears of course, especially when seeing Gibson hoisted up in tears, I hope he gets a chance at the top Level, there's no doubt what so ever that Ayala will get his though, he was as always sensational! He dominated, made sure every singe ball was his to be attacked.  Also that when Adomah didnt run it into the corner on the 95th minute I almost passed out.


Obviously didnt realise it at the time but it was my cousin who had Gibson a hoist! they're childhood friends, used to play for Marton together, I used to Whoop Him and Gibbo on Pro Evo obviously, which now makes me premier league class, clearly.







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Forgot to do this.  Congratulations to Boro who won the “Most Expensive Game In History (TM)” to clinch automatic promotion to the Premier League, a return after a seven year absence (when in a coincidence, they were replaced by Burnley).  Brighton face the harshness of the playoffs, despite a superb 89 point season - they have the chance to go up in “The Most Expensive Game In History (Again)”.  They go on to play Sheffield Wednesday, with Hull hosting Derby in the other semi final.


Burnley’s 3-0 away to relegated Charlton meant they take home the Championship trophy… eventually, 56 years after last lifting it as winners of the old Division One.



              GP  PTS  GF  GA  GD
*Burnley      46   93  72  35  37
*Middlesboro  46   89  63  31  32
Brighton      46   89  72  42  30

Playoff race

              GP  PTS  GD
Burnley       46   93  37
Middlesboro   46   89  32
*Brighton     46   89  30
*Hull         46   83  34
*Derby        46   78  23
*Sheff Wed    46   74  21
Ipswich       46   69   2


            GP  PTS  GD
Rotherham   46   49 -18
*Charlton   46   40 -40
*MK Dons    46   39 -30
*Bolton     46   30 -40


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The play-offs are a little tight based on Wednesday's results with the other teams. We drew both our matches with Brighton, whereas with Hull we drew both our matches but with Derby we drew both our matches. 


I don't know. I'd be a lot happier being at home in the second leg, regardless of who we were playing but if we can get a win on Friday I'd fancy us to be able to get, well, a draw away. I'd fancy us at Wembley. 1993 aside, we like Wembley.

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