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ZX Spectrum Loading From An iPod - Anyone Tried It?

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Possibly a piece of Spectrum urban folk lore, but I recall hearing/reading about someone creating an anti-piracy mechanism for Spectrum games that was so ingenious that the Government actually laid claim to it, and it never saw the light of day.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

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Was Elite the first game to use lenslok? I remember seeing on the OCP art studio and I want to say Fighter Pilot by DI for some reason.

Edit: my god I was right! Fighter Pilot did use it, as did a number of DI games. Don't recall Moon Cresta having it though.

I remember the furore in Sinclair User over Lenslok in Tomahawk, which was 1985. Elite also had it - but Fighter Pilot didn't.


So it was either Elite or Tomahawk that were the first. Or The artists Studio by OCP...

I remember it putting me off Elite, to the point where I didn't buy it until the compilation Supreme Challenge!

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59 minutes ago, dumpster said:

Hey @Lorfarius, I saw your comments - can you explain how you do quick loads from an iPod?   I'm doing standard speed using the app mentioned earlier.


Can't remember off hand but I seem to recall an option somewhere for faster audio speeds/playback. Just increase how fast the app pumps it out as the Speccy can still understand it.

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Looking for a quick bit of advice. The missus has someone at work selling this for charity for £100:




Now, I've not been keeping an eye on prices, how does that line up with the current value of them? Given it's for charity, I'm not going to haggle too much, but very much considering it. Just making sure the price isn't too high.

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As above, the going rate for an untested standalone 48k (unless it's an issue 1, that one looks like it has a blue keyboard so probably not) is about £40-£50 and there is a high chance it will need a new keyboard membrane and PSU, and potentially other stuff.

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