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Got me mobile data back on the other day after weeks without, took the dog for a big walk on the coast where there's lots of stops. Added either through catch/hatch a Scyther, an Aerodactyl, a Rapidash, a Primeape and a Muk. :) I also saw a Clefairy, first wild one I've seen, but when I went to battle it I got a "you're going too fast" error (I was walking :hmm: ) and it disappeared.

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12 minutes ago, Azrael said:

Does Ditto show up as Ditto or as other Pokemon in the wild? 


Anyone test to see if using a Lucky Egg gives quadruple XP? 

12 hours ago, mirodo said:

So apparently Ditto appears in the form of other 'mon (Pidgey, Rattata, Zubat and Magikarp have been mentioned so far) and transforms into Ditto once captured. 



2 hours ago, John0 said:


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I went on a massive Pokebinge in the centre of Birmingham. I've never played in a big city before and it was madness. I don't think I would ever make it to my job again if there were that many Pokestops! The weather was beyond shocking this morning so I didn't get as much time as I would have liked.


Loads of Oddish, Horsea, Bellsprout, both Nidorans, Staryu, Polywag, Slowpoke, Ghastly, Goldeen, Psyduck, Jinx, some Magikarp and Magnemite, the odd evolved one like Sea King, and all pretty crazy CP. Sadly, not many with good IVs. Got a good Abra and a variety of 'can really battle with the best of them' Pokemon. I also caught a Ponyta and Aerodactyl in the wild, which I've never managed. (If I'd known Ditto was out I'd have caught absolutely everything I saw!)


Went on a one-woman gym wrecking tour but lost them all pretty much immediately.


On the train on the way home, managed to evolve Victreebell, Dewgong and Nidoqueen. The latter has epic moves and stats. Evolved a new Seadra, Raichu, Electrode and Vileplume with best moveset. Not far off Blastoise and hatched a Scyther.. Now up to 129.


I forgot about the double XP, which was brilliant timing. Nearly fell off my chair when I realised I was halfway to Level 28 when I only hit 27 two days ago!


Sadly, since the last update I seem to be having trouble with the GPS dropping sometimes. Definitely not quite as stable.

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11 minutes ago, GameplayJenny said:

Is this Ditto in a rat?

Is this Ditto in a cat?

Is this Ditto in a ghost?

Ditto's what I want the most


Is this Ditto in a snail?

Is this Ditto with a tail?

Is this Ditto up a tree?

No of course not, silly me!


Is this Ditto in a bird?

Is this Ditto just absurd?

Now I'm starting not to care

Is this Ditto anywhere?

I thoroughly approve of this post!

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1 hour ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

How does the ditto reveal happen? Is it just after the Gotcha the rattata is a ditto on the next screen, or must you appraise it or anything?


also those of you with one,  what Pokemon was it before it revealed itself?

Just after the Gotcha! instead of saying Rattata Caught it says Oh?

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