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10 hours ago, Azrael said:


Nice, did you have any new 'Mon registered or just evolving nonstop? 




Fully dedicated half hour of evolving , had 80 to evolve, one of which gave me Starmie which was a new Mon, pretty sure I could have squeezed 1 or 2 more in if really tried , lol.

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Hit lvl 30 this morning, super interesting stats:


Caught 139, seen 144

Total Caught 5372

Walked 756.4 km

Visited 6384 pokestops (would be nice to know how many unique ones)

Hatched 278 eggs

Evolved 793 'mons

Won 625 gym battles

Caught 556 pidgeys, 565 rattatas and 690 drowzees!








Favourite 'mon is that Jolteon, he fucks everything.



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My luck with high level mons has been stupendous recently. Today my daughter spotted a Vapo on the sightings as we were about to get to her swimming. I took her in, chatted to some friends then thought I'd take a walk and maybe it would still be there. Wandered off to where I thought it might be and got greeted with this:


I mean seriously, wtf? A couple of raspberrys and ultra balls abd it was mine:


Currently my 3rd highest CP Mon and my highest vapo.

Unfortunately my daughter's account was only about 600cp so she will be pissed.

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