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I think the update is great. I've been out for a few hours and still only scratched the surface of all the new content.


The weather spawns are great. Picked up a level 33, 93% IV eevee earlier and plenty of other Pokémon at level 33+ some at 35.

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Gotta say I'm not wild about the new update.


- There are hardly any Gen 3 Pokemon around. I guess they've only added 50-odd to a 250-strong roster so it's probably proportionate but all we've had all day round here (exacerbated by the weather system) is Aipoms.  Useless bastards.


- Somehow they've made the battle system even more shit and boring. Now you don't even need to hold the screen to trigger the charge move!  Just keep tapping endlessly in the same part of the screen.  And all the status text is now in the part of the screen that's covered by your thumb if you're right-handed. Tap, tap, tap.


- The weather system just basically makes the junk Pokemon tougher. So I've been using even more Pokeballs than normal just catching Sentrets and Pidgeys. Also, as mentioned earlier, cloudy weather just seems to spawn endless Aipoms.


I'm sure it'll improve once I catch more Gen 3-ers (got a Hariyama today and it looks awesome), but right now I'm a bit down on it all.

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On 17/11/2017 at 11:30, Azrael said:


Posted this on 21.10.17 and he's still there but the game has messed up:




Was -23 days yesterday, -22 today. What's happening? 


The countdown ended today...



And fuck all happened other than it resetting how long I've been in the gym:




Yet the true time is as below:






Was hoping when the countdown hit zero he'd be returned to me (with a heap of coins). Looks like he's destined to be there forever. 

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Good selection of new mon and high CP catches during an hour's after work hunting:




Also enough Mudkips to evolve it to the second stage already. 


Liking the weater-spawning Pokemon as they tend to appraise quite well. That Omanyte simply amazes for example. 

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I made it to Level 40 last night!


Here's my stats :-


Jogger :- 4830.9
Kanto :- 149
Collector :- 24413
Scientist :- 5499
Breeder :- 1780
Backpacker :- 22482
Battle Girl :- 4071

Ace Trainer :- 1363

Johto :- 95

Berry Master :- 4264

Gym Leader :- 12150

Fisherman :- 111/300

Youngster :- 199/300

Pikachu Fan :- 232/300

Battle Legend :- 136

Unown :- 5

Champion :- 67

Hoenn :- 35


Pokémon Catch Badges


Schoolkid :- 13,867

Black Belt :- 204

Bird Keeper :- 9988

Punk Girl :- 6886

Ruin Maniac :- 1127

Hiker :- 629

Bug Catcher :- 6640

Hex Maniac :- 864

Kindler :- 1148

Swimmer :- 3834

Gardener :- 1459

Rocker :- 756

Psychic :- 1320

Skier :- 408

Delinquent :- 572

Fairy Tale Girl :- 638

Depot Agent :- 102 

Dragon Tamer :- 74


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